How to Clean Floor Tiles: Daily Cleaning Tips

Here are some useful daily cleaning tips that can guide you on how to clean the floor the right way so as to preserve its beauty and integrity for long.

Floor tiles often bear the brunt of leaks, spills, dirt, stains and sticky grime. These can be of ceramic, porcelain and such other non-natural stone or natural stone like granite, marble, slate, travertine and such others. Natural floor tile need deep cleaning using a strong penetrating cleaner, which removes all hidden stains and mold. Non-natural floor tiles do not face this problem. But for daily cleaning, you need a maintenance cleaner that can help you remove the superficial dirt and stains that settle on the surface. To ensure that you are doing it the right way, here are some tips on how to clean floor.

This article will discuss the daily cleaning issues and the right way to do it on floor tiles whether they are natural or non-natural.

Daily Cleaning Tips

Light Daily Cleaning:

Superficial dirt, dust, stains are inevitable on any floor surface. You need to clean and wipe the surface everyday to keep it free from stains and grime. You can use a good quality floor maintenance cleaner to remove such debris from your flooring. Such cleaners can also be used weekly to remove dense or sticky grease from the surface.

Cleaning Wine Spills:

Wine stains, if left ignored, can leave a deep colored stain on your stone. If you have a natural stone flooring, then a wine stain on an unsealed flooring can penetrate deep within. It is best to deep clean such stains and then seal the surface to prevent further damage. Wine stains on sealed natural stone flooring or non-natural stone flooring can be first blotted with a blotting paper and then cleaned with a maintenance cleaner.

Never Use Abrasives:

This is an important step towards proper maintenance of your floor tile. You should refrain from using harsh scrubs or pointed tools as these can cause scratches on the surface and wear off the enamel or the sealer coat from your tile.

Oil Spills:

An important tile cleaning tip for oil stains is to never spread it with a cloth to clean it. You should use a blotting paper to blot the liquid as this prevents it from spreading on the rest of the surface. You can then clean the remnants with a soft cloth.

Refrain from Using Acidic Cleaners:

If you are wondering how to remove stains from tile that are dense and stubborn, then you should know that acidic cleaners are never the solution. These cause etching on the surface, cause discoloration and roughness. These also remove the sealer coat and the existing lustre coating on your tile. It is best to use an alkaline based or a neutral-based cleaner.

Getting Sealing done by Experts:

If you have installed natural stone on your flooring, then it is best to deep clean it with a penetrating cleaner and then seal it with a topical solvent based sealer to prevent deep-rooted damage. Once  you seal the porous natural stone, you can easily use a daily maintenance cleaner to only remove the dirt and debris that settles on the top.

For removing stains from tile, you can use Imperia Maintenance Cleaner from pFOkUS – a leading stone, grout, tile, and brick restoration products manufacturing company in the US. We have personally tried and tested their products, which have been manufactured in the laboratories after years of research. This daily maintenance cleaner is a combination of a sealer and a cleaner that keeps the top coating intact and also renders your floor tile free from any kind of dirt, dust, stains or sticky grime.