How to choose curtains for home

It’s normal if you’re unsure about the differences between ready-made and custom draperies when looking for curtains. While customized curtains are not cheap, they have many long-term advantages that may end up saving you time and money.


When choosing custom drapes, it’s normal to become lost in the diversity of styles and fabric samples. Before purchasing the draperies, you must be certain of the results you desire in order to make an informed choice.


Know the purpose of the room


Choosing curtains is best accomplished by deciding what you want to accomplish with them. Curtains should be functional in addition to adding texture and flair to any area.


For instance, you might want to obtain privacy in living spaces both during the day and at night. Lighter fabrics and translucent curtains are useful since they give you the freedom to decorate the room in whatever you choose.


In order to have a better night’s sleep during daylight saving time, the main objective in bedrooms may be to block out light. It could be better to match heavier drapes with sheer curtains.


Choosing curtain fabric


Most pre-made curtains have shoddy workmanship. Because hems and pleats are frequently done incorrectly, your curtain lacks zing and structure. Additionally, there is no room for personalization. Customized curtains, on the other hand, are constructed of high-quality fabric and have coordinated pleats that match your preferences. They are also correctly hemmed. Additionally, a layer of lining is applied after designing your curtain set to lengthen its lifespan.

Curtain color and texture selection


While choosing the color of your curtains is a matter of personal taste, there are certain general rules you can adhere to.


  • To complete a style, coordinate curtains with other decor elements like furniture, cushions, or rugs.
  • Choose hues that are either slightly lighter or slightly darker than your walls.
  • Lighter hues will amplify the appearance of space.
  • Dark hues give off a modern vibe and are less prone to reveal dust.
  • It’s simple to mix solid and neutral colors with your decor.
  • Bright, striking hues or patterns can make the window a focal point of the space.

It’s important to keep in mind if you decide on a patterned cloth that a small, intricate pattern will look like a texture from a distance.


Choose the tracks and installation options


There are numerous methods for hanging curtains. Above the window architrave, curtain tracks can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling. Curtains that hang from the ceiling will give the room a sense of height.


Additionally, you have the option of motorized or conventional curtain tracks. Bedroom curtain tracks can be motorized, allowing you to open them each morning without getting out of bed.


On s-fold curtain tracks, the majority of curtain varieties look their finest. When the curtains are open, this contemporary mounting technique results in a less obtrusive “stacking” of fabric. The window will provide you with a greater perspective and let more natural light into the space.


Hardware used for hanging curtains


Curtain rods and finials ought to coordinate with your drapes. While sheers can be put on smaller rods, heavier drapes require wider rods. Additionally, rods come in a variety of shapes, widths, lengths, and metal and wood patterns. There are four basic parts that make up a curtain rod: the rod itself, finials, brackets, and rings or hooks. Make sure your hardware blends in with the space’s existing metals and the curtain’s fabric. You don’t want to have a curtain rod that is too low because it will make your window look smaller.




In addition to these factors, choosing a sturdy material for your curtains and blinds will ensure that they last for a very long time. The highest quality materials will guarantee that you feel satisfied after installing them in your home. Additionally, be sure to pick the ideal hue and style to complement your interiors and wall colors.


If you find it challenging to select your curtains, get them customized by our experts at Zebaworld. A skilled designer can help you with your space and ultimately save you time, money, and effort. We create made-to-measure curtains and blinds that are customized from idea to installation. We also visit the location to measure and install it!