How to Celebrate a Special Occasion from your Home?

This 2021 year is not an easy year for everyone. Few people have lost their dear ones and some are still in shock. So many peoples lost their jobs, few businesses also shut down and people face the crisis. But still, we all are having some hope that everything will be fine someday. While thinking about positivity, so now it’s time to start planning for the joy and celebrations for various festivals and occasions and make your loved one life joyful. While taking care of all various levels of lockdown restrictions. So this year make your celebration something different and out-of-box.

Maybe this year our religious festival and its way may change and places where we god for the celebrations must be closed or some restrictions are there to celebrate the festival which don’t change our inner feelings and the enthusiasm to celebrate the festival. While staying within our boundaries we can celebrate Diwali, Ganpati, Holi, Rakhi, New Year, Christmas, etc., and make our loved one happier.

After the second wave, we know people have to live with many restrictions to celebrate their festivals, occasions, and family gatherings. With this, our festivals will be affected. Most of the festivals come with hope and prosperity and this year we have to hold our ways to celebrate the festival. If we cannot do this then we have to suffer. Don’t feel sad about that, you will not be able to celebrate the occasion in the usual way. At that time you must be filled with the range of emotions and thoughts that we can understand. But accepting the reality of the world and holding your feeling tightly and hoping for the brighter days can only help you and your loved ones to celebrate the occasion. If you think for the future, only you will celebrate festivals and occasions with safety and a smile. With some positivity we make yourself and other people life happy and safe.

So now let’s talk about how to celebrate occasions while staying at home. We always try to enjoy every occasion as much as we can in every situation. If you want to protect your loved ones from the covid-19, you have to stay at home and spend some time with your family. This will be the best gift for your loved one while protecting you and your loved ones from the coronavirus. This will make your loved ones even happier. Makes a plan with your family and friends about your holiday trips when the time will come you will all be together. Always get prepared with the things and talk to them.  Arrange some virtual gatherings where you can talk see and have a meal together and play some sorts of online games all together. Also, you can join some charitable community to raise funds for others and making yourself busy in it. This way you will not get the feeling of loneliness and you will be able to do some good work.

Make a change in society by doing something good for others. Where people are affected from the covid-19 and some are in isolation make their life a little bit happier by sending beautiful flowers and gifts online and messages to them, so that they will not feel lonely and left out. Being kind is always good, so it’s time to spread some kindness to others’ life also. While doing some kindness work you will be able to reduce your stress and you will feel happier from inside.

Always try to listen to other people’s inner pressure and make them feel that you are there for them. Help them by giving some financial help, or some other type of help which they need. By doing this you will help them in releasing their stress. By celebrating festivals and occasions with things will give only outer happiness and giving someone a sense of security will give you loves ones inner happiness. This year celebrate festivals and occasions by giving them some inner happiness which makes you happy and others also.

List of few Celebration ideas to celebrate some Occasion at Home

  • Organize some virtual party or virtual gathering
  • Prepare some special wishing videos
  • Organize some online gaming party
  • Send some flowers and gifts to others with the help of delivery agents
  • Focus on doing some kindness
  • Maintain your family ethics and traditions
  • Send handwritten notes or some digital cards tell your heartfelt feels
  • Spend some quality time with your loved ones
Sonia Jasrotia