How SEO Content Writing Is Different Than Academic Writing

Writing is a way to communicate with a large number of people without any barriers. Whether it is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) content writing or academic writing, each has a particular purpose and reason to employ. You are supposed to inform and educate people in a particular niche in both writing types. The way to express, address and inform varies in them. This article is all about to differentiate between SEO content writing and academic writing.

Differences in Writing Types

Following are the commonly observed differences between SEO content writing and academic writing:

  • Demand of Writing
  • Type of Audience
  • Use of Expression
  • Publication
  • Writing Style

Let’s discuss each difference in detail.

Demand of Writing

The core purpose of SEO content writing is to educate people about some new issues and concepts, so its use is endless. Each day, people search for many new things. Based on the demand of the problem, SEO content writers consider that topic of discussion. In this way, they get more traffic on their website, which is beneficial for them or companies they are working for. The scope of content writing is never-ending. Also, the world is moving towards a digital era where content writing is in high demand. In the same way, people enjoy content writing more.

In contrast to SEO content writing, academic writing has strength factors in terms of salary and technicality. The advancement in technology is also increasing every day. That is why the demand for academic writing is expanding. In short, each writing type has its own strength factors.

Type of Audience

The audience is one of the most important factors you have to keep in mind while writing. In SEO content writing, you need to handle diverse audiences effectively. You have to engage your audience by working on their interest. On the other hand, academic writing is all about dealing with professionals. Sometimes you need to write for your peer or advisor, or you may have to address higher authorities of some sector. You need to address technical issues where you have to use so many technical terminologies. Just like SEO content writing, you have to make your point of view clear for the reader. But the main difference is that in academic writing, you are more concerned about your content authenticity as per the type of audience.

Use of Expression

The use of expression is another important component in writing. Be it SEO content writing or academic writing, the use of expression also differs to a great extent. In SEO content writing, you can go for your personal opinions. Also, you can suggest many things to the reader. Although personal opinions and suggestions are not random, they are deeply linked with some logical factors. These factors include the topic of discussion and the interest of the audience.

Also, you do not have to follow bundle of rules while working on content writing. No doubt, there is a structure of writing that you have to follow in content writing. Here you take the whole writing in the form of a story. At the end of the story, you need to add personal opinions. You can create suspense in content writing. Whatever you do, just make it sure that you have made it clear. Do not end up writing by making your reader confused.

On the other hand, academic writing demands proper support of evidence for all sorts of claims. In the same way, if you add a question in academic writing, you have to answer that question to make it clear for the reader. You need to satisfy your readers with quality content. If you do not follow the standards of academic writing, you will end up with a piece of trash. So, make sure that you have organised your data and content in a proper way. Wherever you claim, add evidence there. Furthermore, you need to cite your evidence as per the standards of academic writing.


SEO content writing and academic writing both need publication, but both of the types have a different set of requirements. In the case of content writing, there are many more writing types like blog writing and newspaper writing. For each type, you have to follow different instructions. You do not need to add a list of references in content writing. As per the type of content writing, the publication platform also differs. These platforms include the following:

  • Online website
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper

On the other hand, publication of academic writing needs information related to the author and references. Also, you need to find a scholarly website for publication. You may take a long time for the publication of academic writing. If you have used content from Wikipedia, you will not be able to publish it. That is how you have to follow a proper chart to publish academic writing.

Writing Style

The writing style is always based on the type of your audience. Either you can go for a formal or informal writing style. Let’s understand these things as per the context of SEO content writing and academic writing. In SEO content writing, you have the general public, or you can say there is a diverse audience in the case of content writing. Here the purpose of writing is to attract the audience through communication style. So, you have to go for an informal writing style. You have to address your audience again and again. Also, you are supposed to write from the audience’s point of view.

On the other hand, academic writing is all about formal writing style. Here you need to attract your audience by addressing different terms and their proper explanation. The use of facts and figures makes it easy to grasp the attention of your audience. In academic writing, the more you address public issues, the more readers you have.

Final Thoughts

If you keep all of the above-mentioned differences in your mind, you will not get confused while writing. In the same way, it will be easy for you to address the issues as per writing standards.

Jonathan Naylor