How I Changed My Bright Present into Becoming Even More Illuminating?

Everybody wants to shine in this world, shine more than the brightest star in the sky. Besides, there is nothing wrong with that.

Humans are meant to shine. They are intended to achieve the most significant things in life, things that their fellows would be astounded to witness.

The first steam engine is leading to the innovation of automated trains.

The first portable phones are leading to the manifestation of the high-tech smartphones that even flip, despite being a touch screen.

The first electric bulb is leading to the creation of the energy-saving, self-serving LED lights we have in our homes.

If all of these innovators had become self-satisfied with the existing innovations, would the world have experienced growth?

I do not think so.

We only grow when we push ourselves to achieve things we never thought we could. We should make a target, accomplish it and then make a new that would be twice as hard to finish as the first one. When we do this, only then can we genuinely refer to ourselves as shining.

Here is my story of how I pushed myself without the thought of settling ever crossing my mind.

What did I do in the Present?

I worked as a manager in one of the most renowned transport companies in my city. My owner had a fleet of over 200 trucks, and he was earning my yearly salary in a matter of days, not that I had any complaints about my income.

I was earning pretty good. After years of struggling with loan repayments, my promotion to the managerial rank had allowed repaying all my debt. I still had a low credit score.

My job had a lot of perks and allowances.

Being a manager, I loved bossing around the people who worked under me, not in a rude and abrasive manner, of course, that would have meant an instant termination.

All in all, I was earning enough to support myself and my family and could plan my future. The fact that I looked forward to going to work each morning was another bonus.

Why I Sought Betterment?

We have established two things by now;

One is that I loved my job;

Second is the fact that it paid as much as I would like it to.

Now, moving forward with my story, I was so competent in my job that I could do it with my eyes closed.

Managing the schedule of the trucks;

Keeping a track of the time, they reached the destinations;

Paying the drivers and receiving payments from the clients;

And putting all of this in written records in the computer.

You might think it’s too much, but it is not. Besides, I delegated a lot, so that helped.

My job had made me complacent. I did not like it as much as I used to. I needed something else.

So when an opportunity for that something else came along, I grabbed it like a lion would catch his prey, right from the throat.

What Did I Do for the Change?

I knew I had the potential of doing much more than I was. So, when I got to know that my boss was adding more trucks to his fleet, I took that opportunity as my calling.

I talked to him about adding a truck as my investment in the company. Since I was one of his few trusted employees, having been with the company for over five years, he happily agreed.

I had some money saved up and applied for unsecured loans for bad credit, because of history with jumping instalments.

I had the buyer lined up and the money ready to go.

I finally became a truck owner in March of 2020, and I have loved the feeling so far.

How I Never Regretted My Decision?

It has not been that long since my truck was added to the fleet. Still, it had been making me a fourth of my salary in a month.

I cannot say that I regret my decision since I am sure the income would only rise with time. I know this for a fact after I have been around trucks for a long time.

Despite my truck being a refurbished one, it is still going great. I have driven it myself for close by journeys.

I hope and pray that this truck turns out to be my illuminating charm that makes shine as bright as the sun.

Winding Up

I want to end by telling you all one thing. The point you become complacent, the point life stops keeping you in your toes is the point you need to start making changes, in your finances and your life.

I did that, and I will keep doing it until my very last breath, as should you.

Jasmine Watson