How can I start my blogging journey for free with WordPress?

If you are a passionate writer, you may want to start your blogging site to share your experience, writing styles, and more.

But the question here is how one can start his blogging journey without any type of platform.

Here in this article, we will learn how you can start your journey as a blogger with a free WordPress blogging website.

When I first began out as a blogger, I did not have any experience using WordPress.

But regular and constantly using WordPress made me understand how it works.

WordPress has an easy-to-use interface that helps the user understand how they can use the platform.

Well, apart from all the talks about WordPress, we will learn about how you can start your small business blogging journey with the help of WordPress for free.


Step by Step Guide to Start your Blogging Journey for free with WordPress:

I am going to give you the in-depth guide, so this could take some while to buckle up and get ready to take the first step to become a successful WordPress blogger.

Firstly go to the official WordPress website, which is

You will see an interface like this on the Homepage.


Creating your Blog with WordPress:

Now, you have to click on the start your website button, and you will be redirected to the page where you have to create your official WordPress account.

Now you have to provide you with your official email address, set a user name, and password to start with your WordPress account.

After filling in all the details properly, you can now click on the Create your account button.

By clicking, you will be redirected to the page where you can choose your domain name for your blogging website.

We are here to create a free website which is why it is important to inform you guys that you have to check the free domain options available for you.


Choosing your Domain Name:

In the search box you see in the image above; you can write which type of domain you want to choose for your WordPress blogging website.

Now you have to choose a domain that is free which refers to, and select from the option given to you; however, please check the free option beside the domain you choose.

Since I love traveling and can write about travel, looks suitable for my WordPress blogging platform.

So, I will select this free domain and do not have to pay anything for that, and I can easily start my travel blogging through it.


Using Free WordPress Website:

After selecting your domain, you will be redirected to the page you can see above, where you have to select start with a free website.

After clicking on start with a free website, you can now build your website structure or start writing blogs for your website.

However, it is up to you that you want to start writing or build a website structure.

Here, we are going to select creating the structure of the website with WordPress. Let’s begin…

To begin creating the structure for our website, we have to select the build option.


Selecting Theme for your Blog:

Starting with creating a website, first, we have to choose the theme for the website. We have the theme options on the bottom left side where we can choose which type of theme we want, and WordPress recommends themes according to that.

If you do not want to choose any of these options, you can choose the skip for now option on the upper right side and continue..

We are going to select the skip for now option; as of now, you can select the theme from here for free if you want to.

If you select the skip for now option, you will get the default theme from WordPress.


Blog Name and Tagline:

Now you are redirected to the dashboard of your blogging website, where you have to set up everything start with giving a name to your blogging website.

Click on the Name your site button.

You can see the page like this now. You have to add the site title and tagline of your WordPress blogging site.

After adding the site title and tagline, you can select the All done, continue button and save the settings button to move further.

Now, we have to edit the Homepage of the website.


Editing your Blog Structure:

Click on the Edit Homepage button

and you will be redirected to the page seen below.

Here, you can easily edit your home page header, footer template, featured image, etc.

After editing according to your perception, you can update the Homepage via the update button on the upper right side.

you can edit whatever you want on your blogging website and create your website according to your perception.

Now, after creating and editing, let’s move on to writing which is why we are here.

You can now easily write your blogs and publish them on your blogging website. All you have to do is visit the dashboard of your blogging website. Click on the posts option available there, and you can see the add new option there.

Now, click on the add new option there, and you will be redirected to a page like this.

Here, you can write your blog post and publish it on the upper right side through the publish button.

This is how you can start your blogging journey for free with the help of a WordPress blogging website and reach a new audience according to similar interests as yours.


You can become a successful blogger using WordPress since they provide free plans.

Starting with WordPress will help you grow as a blogger since they provide free plans for the users.

WordPress is a great blogging platform provider for you if you are new to the giant tech world and don’t know how to build your free blogging website where you can share your own thoughts, ideas, blogs, etc.

Create your free blogging website with WordPress help and do wonders by becoming a successful blogger through WordPress assist.

WordPress has the advantage that it is free to use; if you want to explore more, premium options are available.


Vijay Rathod