High-Risk Payment Gateway: a Dilemma of Service Providers

The high-risk industry is one of the most controversial sectors around the globe. The service providers working in the high-risk industry are the only FinTech entities that can provide a dedicated solution such as High-Risk Payment Gateway to the merchants. However, the dilemma lies in the fact that there are multiple high-risk businesses around the globe.

Thus, it becomes quite crucial to prioritize the industries and work according to them. Therefore, a dilemma comes over the businesses. Reaching different industries at the same time is a massive hassle for a business. However, there are service providers working in the sector without knowledge.

Which Service Provider Should you be Choosing for High-Risk Payment Gateway?

Choosing a payment service provider depends on multiple factors that make them worthy of your business. The benefits that they have for the merchants need to be precisely working according to the requirements. Here is a list to check the thresholds of the online payment service provider for your business.

Dynamic Integration Capabilities

Integration of a high-risk payment gateway to the website or application allows a business to process the payments online. However, it depends on the service provider to provide the method of integration. The website integration is possible through HPP and API. Each of these has its own benefits for processing online payments.

On the other hand, for applications, eMerchantPro offers SDK integration. eMerchantPro’s Payment Gateway supports Shopping Cart Plugins too.

Payment Method Options

Getting a merchant account with multiple modes of payment is not enough. A High-Risk Payment Gateway must’ve all the compatible modes of payment too. All the major payment methods are crucial as their absence might limit the business reach. Therefore, eMerchantPro offers all the major modes of payment.

eMerchantPro has all the major Modes of Payment such as Card Payments, Wire Transfers, eCheck, ACH, Cryptocurrencies, etc.

Complete Merchant Assistance

Setting up the merchant account on the website is no easy job. Furthermore, if the service provider leaves you midway, then it will be a massive trouble for you to integrate the high-risk payment gateway to your website or application. Therefore, a merchant must look for a service provider with merchant assistance.

eMerchantPro has a dedicated in-house team of professionals that provide simple and quick help to the merchants for setting up the High-Risk Payment Gateway.

Advance Cutting-Edge Fraud Prevention Systems

Fraud Prevention Tools are often used on a high-risk payment gateway to prevent identity thefts and scams. However, using the best tools is pretty important too. If a service provider lacks these systems, then there is no security for your business to work with the payments.

eMerchantPro has both active and passive systems working simultaneously on the payment gateway to protect all the payments. Address Verification Systems, CVV Checker, Fraud Scoring, Device Identification, and Geolocation Tracking are some of the tools working to provide secure payment processing.

Chargeback Protection Services

Getting a High-Risk Payment Gateway for your business will process the online payments on your website. However, it cannot stop the chargebacks that consumers throw towards the merchant. Therefore, service providers offer management of chargebacks. However, it has a chance that a few of them might slip through.

However, eMerchantPro has complete chargeback protection services for the merchants. In other words, we cover the complete cost of the chargeback for the merchants and remove the hassle from them. But, there is a limit to the maximum number of chargebacks too.

24 x 7 Technical Support

Lastly, an active tech support team should be ready by the service provider to resolve any payment processing query of a business. The after-sales support to a merchant plays a vital role as it helps the merchant to be wary of the solutions at times of need. If a merchant faces a big barrier in payment processing, then the service provider needs to be there for helping the merchant.

eMerchantPro’s in-house team provides 24 x 7 support to ensure seamless payment processing. Any payment-related problems will not be going on and on for hours. Our team is quick and responsive at solving the problems that come your way when you are using the High-Risk Payment Gateway

What are the Complementary Features of a Payment Gateway?

High-Risk Payment Gateway processes online payments, and at the same time provides a better payment experience to the consumer. Therefore, the following features are both merchant and consumer-centric. Some of the features of the payment gateway that eMerchantPro provides through the payment gateway are:

Real-Time Transactions

A payment gateway processes payments in real-time to provide an error-free exchange of data. If there is a delay in the transactions it might hamper the revenue of a business. Therefore, a merchant needs to have a payment gateway that is quick at transactions.

Furthermore, it reflects on the dashboard as it happens as there needs to be zero accumulation of payments.

One-Window Payment

The annoying redirects for a single payment significantly decrease the overall payment experience of the consumers. Besides, everyone wants to be quick with all the payments. eMerchantPro’s payment gateway has just a single payment window to complete the transaction. It makes the process quick and hassle-free.

Save Payment Details

Saving the transaction details for future payments makes the process easy for the consumers. In other words, there will be no need of entering the payment details again. It saves time and increases the payment experience of the consumers.

Top-Notch Security

Meeting all the compliances and protocols gets your business the payment security it needs. The PCI DSS Compliance is the first part of the compliances for a High-Risk Payment Gateway. Therefore, eMerchantPro’s payment gateway is Compliant and secure with Multi-Factor authentication. The dynamically secure payment processing through 3D Security provides the best possible security to the merchants.

Process Multiple Currencies

If you have a compliant merchant account for your business to accept multiple currencies, then why miss out on processing those currencies. eMerchantPro’s payment gateway processes all the major currencies such as Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Rupees, Yen, etc. for the best outgrowth of the business.

What does a High-Risk Payment Gateway offer a Business?

High-Risk Payment Gateway gives an edge to a business by allowing transactions on the website or application itself. Furthermore, it enhances the business with frictionless payments. In addition, it provides one of the most accurate and precise solutions to your business allowing you to reach a global audience quickly.

A High-Risk Merchant working in the industry requires some of the dedicated services that add value to the business. Payment Gateways are exclusively designed to smoothen the disruptive curve of fraud and chargeback.

The Final Call

That brings us to a close for the article. A High-Risk Payment Gateway is nothing but a payment processing channel working to provide advanced financial solutions to the high-risk sector. Furthermore, it streamlines the payment processing of a company offering quick and easy solutions to a business.

Lastly, a High-Risk Payment Gateway by eMerchantPro has some of the best solutions for the business. It is capable of easy integration, provides a consumer-centric solution, and offers the best support to the merchant through a decrease of fraud and chargeback.

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