Here’s what you need to do to calm you crying baby

The sound of a baby crying at night can be a source of worry to parents especially if they are new parents as it is usually an indication of a problem. The baby not sleeping issue can be addressed as soon as you find out the reason why they are uncomfortable and sometimes the reason is usually so obvious. Among the most obvious and common reasons for a baby staying awake is hunger.

Feeding and sleeping intervals 

Newborns eat approximately after every two hours and this is regardless of if they are on formula or if they are breastfeeding. This could be a good reason why they wake up so many times during the night. To counter this problem you could ensure that your baby has taken enough milk before they go to sleep so as to have the baby get enough sleep until they get hungry again.

The temperature has a significant impact

Newborns get affected by temperature changes just like adults and since they cannot regulate their own temperature they will depend on their parents to do it for them. You may consider dressing your baby light on hot summer days and opt for jackets and baby blankets during chilly nights. In this regard, you should always check to see if their bedroom is either too cold or too hot and if they have enough clothing or need more clothing. Room thermometers can be very helpful tools for parents as well.      

Keep an eye out for wet diapers

No one likes being wet and this includes babies as well and it often presents as a reason for babies not sleeping. If you have addressed other reasons why your baby is not sleeping and they are still not sleeping you can check to see if they need changing. Be sure to change their diapers regularly and may consider using pee-proof crib sheets or even muslin wraps as well. Having routines can help your baby get more sleep and, as a consequence, so can you. The routine should start with the baby having a bath as this will go a long way toward relaxing the baby.

Read bedtime stories 

Regardless of the age of the baby, a good story can be very smooth despite the fact they may not be in a position to understand anything. For this, you should use a soothing and low voice and this will definitely help to calm the baby. You could also snuggle next to the baby as you read as it will be more beneficial. For as long as anyone can remember, mothers over the world have often used lullabies to help their babies go to sleep. Classical CDs and lullaby CDs can help to soothe and comfort babies as well for those parents who cannot sing lullabies.     

Colic may be to blame  

The baby usually develops a mild case of colic two weeks after the due date, peaks about six weeks past the due date, and usually goes away by the time the child is 12 to 14 weeks old (or four months after the due date). Beyond the six-week mark, you might find your baby’s crying tapering off gradually, or one day they may suddenly stop crying altogether. Even though it seems endless and unbearable at the moment, it will end eventually.  It is critical that you develop effective self-care strategies and enlist the support you need to make it through.

Bottom line 

While the above are standard methods that are used for ensuring babies sleep at night, it should be noted that not all babies are the same. This means that while one method might work for a particular baby, the sleeping situation may not work for another. You will therefore have to examine your baby to get to know their daily habits, eating patterns, physical limits, and many other factors. Having established all of these, you may come out with the one that best works for you.

However, if you are always overwhelmed and the feeling persists, you may require outside assistance. Additionally, if you are struggling to understand your baby’s early milestone behaviors or if your baby is not alert enough to perform these behaviors, it is necessary to seek help as soon as possible. Early identification of problems almost always leads to a solution.

Happy Parenting!

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