Green cities for sustainable tourism in Europe

Looking for the best eco-friendly cities for sustainable tourism in Europe? Or searching for the best cities in Europe for green tourism? Find them with our guidebook on green cities for sustainable tourism in Europe.

After destroying nature for decades we are becoming slowly aware of its importance in making sustainable tourism a new trend. And Europe is a continent that always stays at the forefront to support the environment and new trends. Thus most of the European cities are supporting both green tourism and veganism. However, the rich number of eco-friendly cities to travel in Europe often confuses travelers as to where to travel. If you are facing the same confusion our guidebook on green cities for sustainable tourism in Europe is here to help.

Let’s know the green cities for sustainable tourism in Europe

Hamburg, Germany

This European city is fully committed to going green and thus it is continuously trying to reduce its Co2 levels. Although there is still a long road in from of the city to become a carbon negative German city. However, Hamburg is still worthy of taking direct flights to Germany from USA to pay a visit here.

Moreover, Hamburg provides green transportation services within the city making it a great eco-friendly city in Europe. Further, this beautiful city of Germany has so much to offer to travelers looking for sustainable travel locations in Europe.

Here, you can visit some great brew houses and taste the famous German beer. Along with this, you can also take a trip to the International Maritime Museum to enjoy the beauty of underwater life. More places to visit here include Miniatur Wunderland, compact coffee houses, and elegant restaurants.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Promoting a green tourism approach to the lifestyle, this city is the perfect green visit in Europe. This city is beautiful and hosts a good number of travelers every year while being eco-friendly. Moreover, it’s the eco-friendly nature of the city that is helping it boost tourism. And thus, now it is in among the top list of the cities to travel in Europe for eco-friendly tourism.

Here, the best things to do include is exploring the public transportation of the city. Other than this, you can enjoy a day picnic in the wonderful green areas of the city. You can also go for a long walk a catch a fresher breath of air from the greener areas, parks, and gardens.

Moreover, the city has a successful experience in reducing its Co2 levels and keeping its focus on it. And thus, it has dedicated 1400 hectares of its land to convert it into beautiful forests. And now, these forests are the home of amazing flora and fauna and are helping to reduce the city’s Co2 levels as well.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital city of Denmark is not left behind in the race of being the best environment-friendly city in Europe. This beautiful city has everything that a traveler can ask for along with a healthy environment. A wonderland of natural beauty, this city is perfect for travelers looking for a natural European location.

Moreover, this city commits to the environment and becoming more eco-friendly in the coming years. And thus, it is continuously working on reducing the Co2 emission levels of the city. And has been successful in reducing them in the past few years as well but still has a long road ahead of it. Having the goal of becoming Carbon neutral by 2025, this city is leaving no stone unturned.

And thus, instead of getting a motorbike to explore the city, you will be given a bicycle or electric bike here. To make biking easier this city has 450km of biking trails especially dedicated to bikers.

Trento, Italy

Take direct flights to Italy from US, to land at the most eco-friendly city in Italy, Trento. The new urban planning choices have made this city earn the above honor. Moreover, this city is dedicated to reducing the smog and Co2 production in the city. And that’s why is it opting for public transportation to make itself an eco-friendly city in Europe.

Thus, if you planning a trip to Europe while staying green then you must visit here. Moreover, the people here are committed to food waste and you can witness this by visiting any local restaurant.

Also, along with this, the city is converting more parts into greener spaces. And thus, it is a part of our list of the green cities for sustainable tourism in Europe.

London, UK

We all know London for different reasons including the home of the queen. My favorite reason to adore Europe is 22 Baker Street and the gorgeous Madame Tussauds Museum. But despite being popular for its attractions many travelers still are unaware of the eco-friendly nature of London city. If it is coming as a shock to you then let me confirm to you that yes, it is true.

Although London hardly comes to the mind of travelers while looking for eco-friendly cities, it is doing its bit. London is never left behind to support a good cause whether it’s veganism or being green. And thus, the city is representing both causes at the forefront by making continuous efforts for both.

Also, the biggest help in making London more green is made by the city’s public transportation network. London owns a well-connected public transportation network that is accessible in every part of the city. Also, it is cheaper and thus it attracts more people and reduces the harm caused to the environment.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a popular traveling location and an eco-friendly city in Austria. This green city has a good number of green areas making it healthier and easy to breathe. Moreover, the city is also serious about water conservation and has taken various steps for this.

The luscious mountains of the city are covered with gorgeous greens helping it to be a much greener location. Also, it uses gravity to produce electricity instead of damaging the environment. Further, along with nature, you will also find a great culture, heritage, and history on your visit here.