GPS mystery causing ships to travel in spheres.

It was a mysterious revelation made to senior officers on Sunday 31 May about their oil carrying ship Willowy that their boat along with four other vessels seemed to revolve around and these were about to collide if not called to bridge.

There is a mystery going around about ships moving in circular path near Cape Town as these are misguided due to wrong locations and direction of their passage.

The AIS System

The mechanism of the location of ships depends on Automatic identification System (AIS). It is an international rule of law to indicate the GPS based location and mark of a boat. These are supposed to show their GPS locations, pathways, destinations, speed and depict AIS information to restrain from any collision and any harm in bodies of water. The satellite positions are well kept in data to know GPS location, which is provided by satellites. It was creating vivid chances of converge for these. Initially, it seemed that there were strong waves forcing ships towards each other towards the center, but that was not true as there were no such water waves in the South Atlantic Ocean.

China seaport

Moreover, the many revolving ships are found inexplicably transporting in circles near most of the ports of China. The Oil ships and public ships are mostly seen performing this cryptic act. But the view near Cape Town west end is something very different. Scientists evaluating these circular motions near the port of China have supposed that GPS manipulation has resulted in these acts as all ships have to follow international law of representing them by a tracking system. It also helps to catch any illegal, terrorist activities or smuggling deeds and shipping of indorsed oil. Phil Diacon has correlated the spheres appeared on Chinese port with sanctions of the United States on Iranian Trade. The irregularities near San Francisco are discovered by Bjorn Bergman of SKY Truth and Global Fishing as he took help from AIS data.  He was surprised when he compared the data of 2018 and 2019.

Another incidence is reported to happen with Oil Board of Singapore trade that is said to move in the sphere due to unknown reasons. The control on ships was losing slowly, and the boat was about to collide with nearby boats.

The GPS malfunctioning

Phil Diacon while giving an interview to Sky News, told that GPS malfunctioning could be a possible reason for these behaviours of vessels as most of the incidents happen due to errors in the navigation system. But its interruptions with nearby ships are not understandable.  There are rumours that Iranian Guards have taken the assistance of GPS jams to protect their bodies of water from foreign invasions. China has surpassed Electronic warfare as it has increased its efforts to control the location of their ships to hide it from the enemy.  The members of Willowy oil expedition knew the ongoing GPS malfunctioning and incidents related to it. Still, it was not clear that the events of the Chinese port could have happened with a ship near the west part of South Africa. However, the European research entities are said to have found out other reasons behind the phenomenon. They found that the magnetic field of the earth has lost 10 % magnetic power over the last 200 years. That is why the ground magnetic field is on losing its strength from African to South American region, which is affecting ships and satellites.

The Magnetic failure of earth

The most know assumption about this magnetic failure is that earth’s magnetic field is getting frailer due to possible upcoming alteration of both poles and South, and north will alter due to this phenomenon. The magnetic field in the region of South Atlantic Ocean has shown decreased power for 50 years.  This phenomenon is called as South Atlantic Anomaly. A new centre of the lowest intensity of magnetic field has found near the Southwest end of Africa that is pretty closer to Willowy location where it was misbehaving and moving in circles.

Many researchers at cheap assignment help and other institutions have assumed that the alteration of both poles will take place after a few centuries and after it, there will be many south and north poles of the earth due to flipping of north and south poles all around the world. The consequences would be colossal for sailing ships which transport on the navigational system of GPS as these would be forced to move in circles and these would not control it. Magnetic systems are used for navigation purposes of ships over decades, and the officers of vessels are well aware of the importance of the navigational system.  However, in the advanced ships like Willowy the gyrocompasses are used to find out the poles as it locates true North Pole by gravity of earth instead of magnetic North. Besides, it tells the axis of revolution of the planet. The right North is detected primarily by a gyrocompass and related systems of a vessel that provide assistance in recognition of path and control or direct it. If it fails to carry out above tasks, then the ship would malfunction in the same way as Willowy was found to do. The officers and staff from the research institute of the coast were directed to find out the issues and faults in Willowy. They found that the Gyrocompass of ship was not functioning correctly, and it was out of order. The possible escape of ships from any incident was made by taking the help of secondary Gyrocompass besides a magnetic compass for taking measurements as these were told to Sky News by the executive officer. When he was interviewed about probable causes of failure of Willowy, and he replied that it was due to ordinary collapse of Gyrocompass and company is heading to ask technicians to repair it as soon as possible. The question of other vessels surrounding willowy is still confusing why these were behaving as to collapse?

The officer answers this question by saying that Willowy movement in the sphere was taken as a result of strong water waves due to which other ships were also seemed to encircle, and crew thought them to converge.

Maria Lena