Google Search Console for Website Development in 2022

Everyone wants their website to rank high on Google. This requires that you work hard on website development. Do you know the key elements to getting good traffic to your website?

You don’t have to spend a lot to increase your website’s search engine optimization. Here is a free tool that will help you get great traffic to your site and significantly increase your online visibility. This tool is Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tool. It has received a new name due to its improved features.

Many people haven’t realized the full potential of Google Search Console. This article will help to explain everything so you can get started with website development and SEO services.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console (GSC), a free SEO service, helps you to understand how Google views your site and gives you the data and reports you need to maintain and monitor your website’s ranking.

GSC can also be used for other reasons.

Signing in to the GSC will allow Google to access your web pages.

It allows you to deliver visually appealing content.

It helps with website development and fixes spam or malware issues.

Google Search Console allows you to track the queries that made Google crawler bring up your website in search results.

You can also compare your queries to each other based on the results they returned.

To view the Backlinks on your website.

How to use Google Search Console to optimize SEO services

  1. Track underperforming keywords to increase rankings

If you want to rank on Google, it is important to track down underperforming keywords These keywords are considered underperforming as they don’t allow you to rank higher.

According to the study, the website at the #2 spot received 15% more traffic than the site at #7. You can see how crucial it is to select the right keyword for a high ranking.

The google search console will give you the report on the underperforming keywords. Click “search results”, then “average CTR” or “average position”, and you can find the report. The queries report will give you the ranking number for each keyword. This will help you with website development. This console will give you the clicks, impressions, and CTR for a keyword.

  1. Ranking your page for a specific keyword

The last metric will be the average position tab. This tells you your position of yours relative to a particular keyword. To view the report, you can choose from different settings within the console.

You can see the results for specific keywords with their positions on the queries tab. The general report does not show the ranking of every website for every keyword.

You can see how minor tweaks and optimizations affect the website ranking.

  1. Interactive console available for website owners

It provides a variety of graphs and matrices that help in understanding the overall analysis to provide better SEO services. These are:

Total clicks: The total number of times visitors have clicked on your site in a given period

Total impressions: This is the number of times your website appears in search results for a specific query.

Average CTR: This is the number of times users click on your site when it appears in search results.

Average CTR = Total clicks / Total impressions

You can select to view the performance of a whole website or just one page on the console. GSC is easy to use, even though it can seem difficult at first.

  1. Google indexing for better Website development

You can view coverage on your google search console to check for issues in crawling and google indexing. All pages must be indexed by Google to include your website on the google search engine results page (SERP). If it reports only a handful of pages, then there may be a problem.

You can analyze the indexing of your web pages by going to “coverage” in the main console and then clicking “valid” to see how many pages have been indexed.

  1. Request a page to be included in Google Indexing

You can submit a request to Google from the console if you find that Google has not yet indexed your pages. This will allow you to get incredible SEO services.

To do this, click URL Inspection and then enter your URL for indexing in Google’s search bar.

After that, google will run a test to find any errors. Click “Request indexing” if it is found. You can now allow google Bots to crawl and index your website.

  1. Submit a Sitemap URL

Sitemaps can be helpful tools for both users and the google bot to help them understand the structure and architecture of your website. Search engines such as google can crawl your pages and index them.

You can submit a sitemap to help with SEO-enabled website development. Click “Sitemaps” then enter the URL and click “Submit”.


Google search console is a great free tool that anyone can use to find SEO services.

While we aren’t saying that the google search console should replace SEO consultants, you can make the most of this free tool from Google.

Every website owner wants to hit the right keywords. Better website development will help you rank high and invite large traffic to your site. Therefore, getting the #1 spot in SERP to Google search console will be a key role.

Bhargav Desai