Get MBBS Free seat in Abroad

Studying MBBS is a dream of numerous students. However, nearly every parent desires that their children must come either Masterminds or Croakers If we talk about Indian families. But the present script is, Engineering seats have increased dramatically over time but this has not happened in the case of MBBS.

Let’s look at a couple of stats to understand the situation,
.There are around seats for which roughly 17 lakh medical scholars fought every time through a medical entrance test called NEET.

As of 21 May 2020, there are only 542 medical institutes in India. Though government institutes like Points are relatively affordable, the budget for private medical sodalities goes beyond 40 lakh to1.5 Cr for the entire course. Hence acquiring medical knowledge in private universities/ sodalities isn’t a mug of tea for all people ( Especially Middle- class families).
But all stopgap isn’t lost, medical applicants can now study MBBS from Abroad to achieve their pretensions and make their dream come true. Though scholars and parents have dubieties about MBBS admission Abroad.

Let’s have a look at the 5 advantages of MBBS Abroad over MBBS India.
No Donation or Capitation Fee
Due to huge differences in demand and inventories of croakers in our country, private medical sodalities ask for hefty quantities for the sake of donations piecemeal from the education freights. This isn’t passing in the case of MBBS Abroad. The countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Philippines, etc noway ask for a donation and give a subvention of education figure, which ranges between2.5 lakh to4.5 lakh per time.

No Entrance Test
Unlike India, there’s no entrance test to take admission in MBBS Abroad. Utmost of the universities give admission grounded on performance in the 12th standard.

Affordable living cost
Countries like Kazakhstan, Russia, the Philippines, and Ukraine have the same currency value as India. The Accommodation and food cost will go between$ 100 to$ 250 per month. So scholars who are planning to study there can live at the same living cost as in India.

Global standard Structure
All medical universities and sodalities follow the transnational norms of education. The lot, classroom, laboratories are equipped with all the rearmost technology. These institutes are approved by WHO and NMC, hence its medical degree is valid across the world.
Transnational Exposure
While studying MBBS Abroad, scholars will meet other scholars from different countries, societies, and races. Then scholars will find great openings to settle down in other countries and to take their medical careers to the coming position.


The mortal body and its structure are the same every place, hence medical study will be the same across the world. Don’t give up on your dream career, just find the smartest way to pursue it for more contact best mbbs consultancy in Vijayawada