Get A New Hairstyle Just In Time For Mother’s Day

After becoming a mother, you may undergo major changes in your life. One of these noticeable changes might be your hair. Haircare may be difficult to fit into your schedule if you are a busy mom, but this does not mean you don’t care about how you look. You might want a gorgeous hairstyle on occasions but may not be able to give time for the same. Do not worry, we have a different approach for you this Mother’s Day! Here are some simple hairstyles you can pull off hassle-free and in just minutes!

#1. Classic Chignon 

Your go-to style for a classic updo

A classic chignon is always on point, and it will get you occasion-ready in no time. You can rock the chignon hairstyle whenever you want, and make sure you have plenty of bobby pins to secure the twists in place. If you want to have a fancy look, it’s a decent alternative to the daily bun and gives your hair more volume and texture.

#2. The Messy Bun

A messy bun is second to nothing

The messy bun is a classic style that is still in trend. A messy bun can be worn in various ways, including braids, half-up, half-down, and so on, demonstrating its versatility. A messy bun can be styled in different ways and is the go-to hairstyle if you have a busy lifestyle. The hairstyle is even easier to maintain in dirty/unwashed hair and doesn’t take much time and effort to give you an amazing look. All you need is a headband and dazzling hair accessories like barrettes, hairpins, flowers, ribbons, etc, to make it appear as if you put in a lot more effort. 

#3. Two-Minute Rope Braid 

Pull-through technique for newbies 

Easy and quick to achieve, the side rope takes less than 5 minutes to complete. This hairstyle is the best if you want to keep hair out of your face while performing your daily chores. Doesn’t that sound like a hairstyle ideal for any mom? While the result is simply amazing, the steps to achieving the hairstyle are pretty simple too! If you’re new to braids, start with the basic pull-through braids that everyone is familiar with.

#4. No-Fuss Curls

Get these glorious curls for a thick mane 

Why not make this year’s Mother’s Day extra special with flawless tresses? Grab the curling iron or curlers to achieve these elusive beachy waves. Curls are a great way to answer the call for a change, and you can have fun with its endless styling options. A basic morning makeup routine can take up a lot of time and attention, which is where these curls come in!

#5. The Perfect Ponytail 

Consider ponytail weave for a flawless pony

A ponytail is probably one you have rocked before, but there are several ways in which you can jazz up the basic ponytail and make it a little more stylish. Creating layers and spicing it up with more volume and texture is the key to bringing the ponytail to a whole new level. Consider getting a Ponytail Weave if you have oily hair, as it helps you look amazing.

#6. Twisted Ponytail 

Steal this look for a major transformation

Ponytail Weave comes in handy with this look also. Ponytails are a good option for transforming your look, and you can make it even more interesting by adding a twist to it. With bobby pins, you can easily accomplish this hairstyle at a snap of your finger. Toss your hair back into a ponytail, either high or short. After that, take a small section of your hair and loop it around your hairband. Use as many bobby pins to secure the ends. 

#7. Low Side Bun 

Enhance your classic bun with hair accessories

Perfect fit for all hair lengths, the low side bun is all about channeling the inner grace in you. You can even make it more aesthetic by side-sweeping it. Pair the side bun with hair accessories like barrettes,  pins, and a floral frock, and you will leave heads turning. Make sure to secure the bun with as many bobby pins as possible! 

#8. Ombre Hair Color 

Ombre hair colors are your go-to solution if you don’t know where to start

Hair colors can completely change your look, and if you are on the go, consider ombre hair color. There are a slew of ombre hair color options to choose from that will complement your skin tone and eyes perfectly. On cool skin undertones, dark ombre hair color ideas produce a striking ice effect, while light shades like light to honey blonde suit those with warm skin tones. Ombre hair colors are highly raved about today, and every celebrity is sure to approve of it. 

Ladies! Take a day off from your motherly duties and get started with a new hairstyle for this Mother’s Day to look your best. The hairstyles mentioned above will make you look stunning, and when paired with the right hair accessories, you will never want to take them off ever again. Celebrate this Mother’s Day with Indique and enjoy up to 50% off on your next purchase. Get a chance to win a $3000 cash prize by participating in Indique’s Mother’s Day contest! Also, don’t miss out on the online sale at Indique boutiques! Visit Indique Hair to participate in the contest.

Take a break from your motherly responsibilities and try on a new hairstyle for Mother’s Day to make you look your best. The hairstyles mentioned above will make you look beautiful, and when paired with the right hair accessories, you’ll never want to take them off. Indique is offering up to 50% off on your next purchase in honor of Mother’s Day. Participate in Indique’s Mother’s Day contest and get a chance to win a $3000 cash prize! Also, don’t miss out on Indique’s online sale! Visit the website to participate.

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