Gestational Surrogacy Services: The Most Effective Alternative to Adoption

Gestational Surrogacy Services is one of the biggest boons of medical science and technology. In recent times, thousands of childless couples have chosen the gestational surrogacy procedure to embrace parenthood. 

Here are key takeaways of gestational surrogacy that adoption procedures can never provide.

1. Surrogacy Numbers are Rising

In 2015, there were close to 850 surrogate births in the US. In the last 12 years, more than 35000 surrogate babies have arrived on the planet. Most of them have been delivered without any complications. In the US where surrogacy is legal commercially, one out of nine delivered babies is a surrogate. By 2018, the number of surrogate births is projected to touch 150,000.

Adoption, on the other hand, has drastically reduced.

2. Have Your Own Baby at Any Age

Surrogacy has a higher percentage of success than other methods of artificially induced pregnancy. Using donor eggs and sperms ensures that the baby is born with certain qualities that every parent wanted. For couples who have crossed the average of parenthood, surrogacy is a wonderful alternative to having a biological child at any age. 

Since the female partner need not carry the baby in her womb, the couple can enjoy a normal life while the surrogate nurtures the fetus during the gestation period.

3. Don’t Leave Your Professional Commitments For Pregnancy

It won’t be wrong to say that pregnancy can sometimes become a hurdle in a professional career. In most cases, the organization has to provide paid maternity benefits. Since the cost of maternity benefit is very high, the management could very well fund the surrogacy procedure for high-value female professionals. While it may not seem a very “friendly” idea initially, it saves the individual as well as the company quite a lot of money. 

4. To Hell With A Partner: Who Wants One?

Many single individuals who wish to experience the joy of parenthood can opt for gestational surrogacy. The sperm can be fused with a donor’s egg through IVF. The surrogacy center then transfers the fertilized egg into the surrogate’s uterus. Since the process does not involve any domestic partner, parenthood is very fulfilling for individuals who have chosen to remain unmarried in their life.

5. Celibate Individuals Becoming Parents 

Virgins can also become parents. Now that’s a very personal thing to do. Individuals who have a fear of having sexual intercourse never had a chance of becoming parents in the past. Therefore, gestational surrogacy is the only way such individuals can get their biological baby. Babies born to celibate parents serve the ethical and moral code of conduct for their intended parents. 

6. Cancer and Parenthood 

In the USA, the surrogacy procedure can cost you up to $60,000. If you want twins or triplets, the cost of surrogacy could be as high as $500,000 which includes the medical cost as well as legal expenses that follow the birth. Despite the huge cost involved, it is still cheaper than cancer treatment. Cancer patients who did not have a biological baby can also become parents with gestational surrogacy.

Ending years of disappointment and anxiety around their childlessness, the intended parents can finally have a family of their own without the legal issues that adoption brings.

Marcus Brown