Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Hung Toilets in UK

Wall hung toilets is among the top choice for contemporary bathrooms. These are different from the traditional toilet as these fixes on a floating position. Long gone are the days when there were only a few types of fixtures were available. So, whenever you want to upgrade or makeover your bathroom, it was easy and straightforward. However, with more and more designs and better functionality, making the right choice is not easy. The same is true for the toilets. Toilets that were once only available in close-coupled shapes now have different types and several styles available. Among them, a wall-mounted style is becoming popular due to its minimalist, compact and modern shape. If you are also looking for this type of toilet, then you may also have a few questions about it. We will try to answer all your questions about wall-mounted toilets in this blog.

What are Wall Hung Toilets?

The Wall Hung Toilets are a simple type of toilet that floats in the air while fixed on the wall rather than the floor. That leaves the space underneath completely empty, making the illusion of a spacious bathroom. The water tank or cistern is always inside the wall but directly connects to the bowl. The bowl is the only thing that is visible outside. 

Are Wall Hung Toilets Any Good?

There are many advantages of wall-hung toilets. The first and most important is that you can install them in the small bathroom or where the space is a problem. It is due to its minimum projection inside the bathroom area. As a result, you can save space wherever possible. That is what most cloakroom or small bathroom requires. In addition to that, the only visible thing is the toilet pan, which is available in various shapes. The cistern remains hidden inside the wall, creating a lot of space-saving and neater looks. 

What are the disadvantages of Wall Hung Toilets? 

Although a wall-mounted toilet is highly practical and stylish, these two have a few disadvantages. The biggest con of such toilets is difficulty in installation. Since it requires the cistern fixing inside the wall, the installation requires the help of an expert. That increases its costs. In addition,, it becomes difficult to access the affected area if something goes wrong and requires fixing. Another disadvantage can be higher costs of the unit as it is more expensive than its counterparts. 

Can any Bathroom have a Wall Hung Toilet?

It is not possible to install a wall-mounted toilet. It is due to the requirements to fixing/ installation inside the wall. That may not be possible unless your bathroom has a sturdy wall to accommodate it. The installation is much more complex and difficult. These are ideal where space is limited, but you can install them in a bigger size bathroom. The only type of toilet that can fit in any bathroom is a floor-mounted standard toilet. 

Which Wall Hung Toilet is the Best?

The wall-mounted toilets are available in various ranges. A few of the best wall-hung toilets are as follows.

  • Cesar Short Projection Wall Hung Toilet Pan.
  • Elena Wall Hung Rimless Pan
  • Cube Short Projection Rimless Pan
  • Breeze Wall Hung Rimless Pan

Are Wall Hung Toilets Any Practical?

The wall-mounted toilet can be highly practical for small bathrooms or cloakrooms. The hidden cistern and a toilet pan with the only projection of around 14 inches inside the bathroom and no occupancy on the floor make them a perfect addition for most bathrooms. 

Where is the Tank in Wall Mounted Toilet?

The distinctive thing about the wall-mounted toilets is that they have hidden cisterns or water tanks. But have you ever thought, where the cistern fits with such toilets? It simply fits inside the wall, with only connectivity with a pan through pipe works that also remains hidden. So, for the installation, the wall may require breakage to make space and pipework. That has to be sturdy perfect fitting and bear the weight of the pan while anyone is using it. 

Final Thoughts About Wall Hung Toilets. 

The wall-hung toilets are stylish with a minimalist design, making them a perfect choice for small bathrooms. Though it is practical to use them anywhere you want, it is ideal due to their looks and space-saving features. You can check high-quality toilets and any other fittings and fixtures by visiting the Royal Bathrooms online store on the UK website. 

Olivea Oliver