Five Things to Consider to Buy Used Commercial Vehicles

Are you thinking about buying a used commercial vehicle?

The best time is now. We will tell you a couple of prominent reasons for the same.

  • Global coal shortage led to high coal exploration. It boosted demand for trucks significantly dumper/tippers.
  • Port and Railway stations to end-point connectivity need trucks.
  • Economy rebounds during the post-pandemic period
  • Substantial capital and regulatory support for construction projects during Union Budget FY23. In Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman words, “The Union Govt. will work with the State Governments for minimizing the required time for construction-related project approvals and land acquirement.”
  • Budget 2022 pushed all the major steel, realty, infrastructure, and related businesses on a high note during business sessions.

Excited to buy now and expand our business;

Wait, let us share five things you should consider before buying a used commercial vehicle from a reliable platform or vendor.

Before we begin with things to consider, it is advisable to choose used tipper or dumper trucks, given the current demand in the construction and mining sectors.

A quick data to validate the observation;

The tipper truck segment that was stood at $ 1.65 Billion in 2018 is estimated to grow at a CAGR of more than 11 per cent from 2019 to 2024, backed by the reasons mentioned above. (ReasearchandMarkets)

Five Pointers to Consider for Buying a Used Commercial Vehicle:

Explore Options and Finalize the Best

Research about vendors and online platforms that deals in second-hand commercial vehicles. Check their company status, reviews, and even employee response. You should have enough information to make a calculated and risk-free decision. One of the leading players in this domain is is a professionally managed AI-driven platform for Businesses, Agents, and Dealers to buy, sell or rent used commercial vehicles and construction equipment. It is transparent, interactive, reliable, and you can rely on it for the best deal.

Budget & Financing Options

Budget is another thing to take care of. If you are self-financing, it is advisable to calculate future earning potential and liabilities.

If you are availing credit from banks or financial institutions, calculate the EMI amount interest, and assess your repayment capacity.

Make detailed financial planning with all pros & cons before investing your hard-earned money.

Maintenance and Spare Parts Requirements

Inspect the used commercial vehicle thoroughly for any damage or maintenance requirements. Ensure easy availability of spare parts for the model and bring a ready tipper truck for your business.  


New Motors Amendments Act, 2019 has stricter insurance and vehicle documents guidelines. Tipper/Dump Trucks or any truck that you buy travels length & breadth of India and is bound to several checks at borders and tolls. So, ensure all the papers are ready and updated before finalizing the deal.

Why are they selling it?

You must check the reason for selling the commercial vehicle. For this, we need to refer to our first pointer, which calls for a reliable platform. offers thoroughly checked and genuine used commercial vehicles only. You can rely on them for professional service, updated documents, no surprises or hidden facts, and overall, the best deal for your fleet.

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