Facebook Avatar Are the New Bitmojis: Learn How to Make One

Facebook as a brand means many can be defined in zillionth of ways. Its interpretation can also widely vary from person to person. However, the only thing that Facebook has never been as a brand, or better to say has smartly avoided, is a “me too” brand. But Facebook has its own way to surprise its users. And the evolution of the platform from its former days is pretty evident of the ample amount of research the team puts into it to modify features that will leave the users mouth agape.

Recently Facebook came up with its own version of Bitmojis and named it Avatar. Now might sound a bit contradictory to Facebook’s not following some other brand’s policy, but Facebook also understands its users better than any other company ever has. Thus, at times, breaking the norms doesn’t seem like a great deal to it. The Avatars have created a noticeable buzz among the users, and people are going pretty crazy over it. Starting from making their Facebook profile picture to its intense use as stickers, it has taken over the platform within days of hitting the platform.

Now what makes the Avatar so different from the Bitmojis is the inclusivity of the platform itself. Facebook has a community of users and not just individual people surfing through and prying over each other.

Now if you are new to the world of social media and words like Bitmoji or Avatar has got you all flabbergasted, then let me break it for you. Well, the concept of Bitmoji was introduced by Snapchat. Bitmojis are nothing but cartoon characters that resemble all your features. In simpler words, a cartoon version of you. And you have the full control over this character – starting from how the character would look like to what dress it would wear.

Facebook Avatar are very similar to Bitmojis. The way of creation is also pretty similar. We will get into the “how to make an Avatar” part just within a moment. These Avatars are kind of substitution to your usual sticker pack or even the emotion buttons. I mean, who won’t like their own cartoon version to express their feelings? Always a better choice than other hardly relatable options, right?

Now, that you know how the new and updated version of Bitmoji has arrived, let’s dive deeper and learn how you can make one that will resemble yourself completely.

Make Your Own Facebook Avatar

Step 1

Open the Facebook Application and tap on the three horizontal lines on the top-right corner.

Step 2

Scroll down to the “See More” option and click on it.

Step 3

Tap on the Avatars button.

Step 4

Here a pop message is supposed to open up. Click on “next” to proceed.

Step 5

Now you will be asked to choose your skin tone. Choose the closest one and click on “next”.

Step 6

Here you will get tons of facial features. Browse through and create an Avatar that resembles you best. Once done, click on the tick button on the top right corner.

Step 7

Next, another panel will open up with options of clothing. Similar to the previous one, choose whatever you find the best suited, and then again click on the tick button.

Step 8

Once the screen finishes loading, click on “next” and then click on “done”.

Voila! You have your own Avatar.

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Anushka Sarma