Essential steps to follow while buying a used Tractor

Farmers around India can rejoice now as these points listed in this article will enable any farmer to efficiently buy a used tractor and save money for their agriculture. The budget will be very minimal and limited. Tractors are commercial vehicles which are designed specially to make high tractive efforts at prolonged speed used in agricultural activities for ploughing of fields. In modern agriculture, tractors provide comfort and ease to the farmers.  It is a crucial financial decision for farmers. Mostly the buying of used tractors is based on budget, demand, and requirement. The tractors of this modern age are used for ploughing, planting fields, and tilling as well as lawn care, maintenance, landscape, distribution of fertilisers, and clearing unwanted bushes. The tractors of this modern age are used for ploughing, planting fields, and tilling as well as lawn care, maintenance, landscape, distribution of fertilisers, and clearing unwanted bushes. They are also helpful for the engineers, construction workers, and others for their ability to work on the land.

Tips to consider while buying a used tractor-

  • Look for popular brands of tractor–  When an individual purchases an old tractor, it is mandatory to check and analyse the market for thorough research. It will give clarity on the purchase of a tractor. One has to finalise on the company of tractor that is to be purchased. The preference of the individual will help in finalising the company of the tractor. There are many brands in the market which offer more advanced features and other benefits. It is advisable to look for quality and durable products. There are many top leading tractor manufacturers such as Mahindra, Eicher, Swaraj, etc. It is always better to purchase the company that one trusts.
  • Choose based on your need and requirement- Every buyer must first understand the type of work or function that is going to be performed with the tractor. The understanding of work or the use of a tractor must be analysed. With various works such as farming, transportation, and construction, the buyer must analyse their needs and requirements. Tractors have multiple purposes, and picking the right one for suiting the requirement will help in giving the desired results.
  •  Know about the previous owner of the tractor- Any individual has to know the information and details of any prior owner. When one individual is buying a tractor for the very first time, it is advisable to opt for a used one as it requires zero formalities. It will be less expensive and will not require any tedious paperwork for the purchase. It is mandatory to know about the previous owner of the tractor when planning for a used tractor. It will give an in-depth understanding of the maintenance of the tractor, proper smooth running or if it sustained any abuse under the previous owner. This knowledge about the past ownership of the tractor will give better clarity about the tractor and its engine.
  • Have a check on the running hours of a used tractor- When an individual buys a used tractor, it is mandatory to know about the running hours of the tractor as it will help in enabling the condition of it. The regular hours of a tractor are 9000-10000. If the average hours of the tractor are more than the regular hours, then it will require higher maintenance in future use. One can save much money by checking on the number of hours.
  • Tyre condition– The tyres are usually costly, and it is essential to inspect a tyre before purchase. It is necessary to check for any cracks, cuts, or bubbles in the tyre. Some tyres will be remoulded, and it will affect the quality of life of the tyre. Remoulded tires have lower life when compared with original tyres. The driving and long life of the tractors depends on the original tyres and will enable in saving money.
  • Do a test drive of used tractor- It is necessary to have a test drive on any used tractor to see if it is in good condition. Test drives will enable to identify any problem in them such as problems, any sound issues, abnormal smoke, electrical issues and other leakages. When the individual is planning to buy a tractor, it will be a significant investment and a massive responsibility in life. It is advisable to know every detail of the tractor before one opts to purchase it. Any individual must opt for a test ride of the tractor before purchasing it so that one can understand every technical detail of it. It will be better when one follows the tractor well before buying it.
  • Check all documents of tractor- Any individual must check the original documents of the tractors. It is mandatory to check the RC book of the vehicle, insurance proof, proof of taxes, and the original invoice. When there are no original documents for a tractor available, then a buyer must not apply for a loan. The transfer of ownership is very much difficult to make for any buyers. The tractor dealers will have to verify the original documents of the tractors. When one is selling a used tractor, these tips will be very helpful and beneficial.
  • Dealer support- When an individual is buying a tractor, one has to require dealership support for parts and services. The used tractors must have regular services done by the nearby dealer. One must check for a perfect dealer for the tractor. When there is no dealer nearby, it can become very costly. It is essential to make verification of the dealer support and save money.
  • Physical Inspection of the tractor- When an individual is buying a used tractor, one must check the body of the tractor. The body must be analysed to identify if it is strong and must not have any damages in any part of the body. Always look around the tractor to identify any dirt or damage, and when there is no dirt or damage, it has been maintained well.


The decision to buy a used tractor is the best decision to save money. It involves some risk involved. With the above guide for the purchase of the tractor in the market, one can make smart and wise decisions in owning a tractor.  The individual can opt for a tractor loan to fulfil the wish to own a tractor as it gives financial freedom to purchase a good tractor for agricultural work.  Tractors are a one-time investment that needs to be maintained well for the effective use of work. It is advisable to opt for the good one when making the purchase.