Drink Pure Water for a Better Future

Drink Pure Water for a Better Future

Just as we visit a doctor when we get sick and take necessary medicines to cure our illness, water gets contaminated by various means. Hence, it is necessary to take care of the water we consume by purifying it. Several well-known water purifying services available, such as Aquaguard service Kolkata, a popular one, allow us to eliminate all the contaminants from the water we intake.

Water pollution isn’t something new. In our childhood days, we used to write long essays on Water pollution and the necessary means to prevent them. With industrial growth and factories, dumping chemical wastes and other pollutants into the water decreases the vitality of the water and decreases our days of life.

Now, we may ask what sort of contaminants are there in the water we drink? The answer would be more than we can imagine.

  1. Physical contaminants
  2. Biological contaminants
  3. Chemical pollutants

Thus, physical contaminants are named because they can change our drinking water’s physical properties and overall appearance. There can be many suspended particles and sediments, and other excessive minerals that can harm our health.

Biological Contaminants are the minute living organisms, microbes, and dead algae. Many microscopic bacteria, viruses also enjoy their stay in our drinking water. Those can harm our health in the wrong way.

Among the chemical pollutants, mostly are the result of industrial waste. These are dangerous because they can directly address the compound of our drinking water, change it, and make it dangerous for consumption.

Know-how Of Purification

Drinking pure and fresh water in practical life becomes impossible if we do not purify it through certain means. The water that we consume cannot eliminate the contaminants by itself as our body does to its illness with the power of the immunity system.

But, the filters of a water purifier serve as its defense mechanism. It filtrates all the impurities and delivers safe and pure water for our consumption.

Contaminated water may undergo the process of filtration sedimentation And distillation. The best water purification process is through boiling it, thereby killing all the dangerous microbes and viruses.

But since it’s such a hassle, having a water purifying service, such as water purifier service Kolkata, makes it much easier to have pure and fresh water for our daily lives.

Our Health Benefits

Being healthy allows us to live the life we want. Drinking the purest water from a Water purifier has its benefits.

  • We Stay Hydrated

Water keeps us hydrated and flushes out the contaminants from our bloodstream. It helps us in our metabolism, controls our body temperatures, and plays an important role.

  • Better Digestion

Taking in contaminated water may lead to various stomach-related diseases. Pure and clean water helps us to build better digestion power. As we know, water is the key to our digestion. It breaks the food we intake and helps our system to absorb the required nutrients.

  • Improvement Of Our Hair And Skin

Our skin cells are made of water. Without proper water intake, our skin becomes dry and might feel sensitive. Drinking pure water works as a detoxifier. It also cleanses our blood and prevents acne and other dermatological problems.

  • Supports Kidney Function

Drinking adequate water cleanses the kidney to keep our bodies free from all dangerous toxins. Water purifiers keep the vitality of normal water intake through the process of RO and UV and allow our body to take in all the goodness of water.

Choosing The Best Water Purifier

With multiple options available in the market, it becomes a hassle to choose the one that suits your needs. Since this decision involves your family’s health, a thorough understanding of contamination is necessary before choosing.

  • Having Borne Water Supply

Bore water of groundwater is a prevalent water source. It can carry dissolved salts,( TDS) chemicals, and other dangerous microorganisms.

  • Determining TDS Level

TDS is the total dissolved solids in the water that affect the taste of the water and make it a bit salty. If the TDS level is under 500ppm, the water is fit to be consumed. Anything more than that requires purification.

  • Purifiers With Storage Functionality

Suppose you have a family of four and live in a place where the electricity problem becomes a severe issue. Having large storage for purified water is a necessity. Otherwise, in the absence of electricity, you may not have purified, drinkable water ready.

  • Choose The Best Purification Technology

Depending on the quality of your source water, you may choose your desired water purifier.

RO technology works best if the water has more than 500 ppm TDS level. It filters heavy molecules, heavy metal particles, and suspended solids through its RO membrane.

When the TDS level is between 200-500, using a UV filter can be good for you. It eliminates the contaminants while retaining the vitality of our drinking water.

Maintenance of Water Purifier

Since the filters of a water purifier are its defense mechanism, having regular maintenance is a good way to ensure longevity. Before buying a water purifier, you should always consider the promptness of water purifier service and overall maintenance cost. Nowadays, most water purifiers have an AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost). It acts as a safeguard to your purifier, just as a purifier safeguards your health.

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