Cost friendly IVF center in Jaipur: Aastha Fertility

Have you been thinking lately to conceive and unable to conceive? Have you also spent late nights researching the most effective treatments and are confused? If you have been going through this lately don’t worry anymore says Dr. Namita Kotia, the head and founder of the Aastha Fertility care says as she addresses the above questions. She adds and says there is no expiry date or it’s never too late for any couple to dream of being a parent with IVF procedure. The procedure is extremely effective and the IVF cost in Jaipur is affordable for everyone. 

Infertility can be caused due to a number of reasons which may be passed medical issues or lifestyle issues and can be caused due to either of the partners. The good news is, with advancement in the medical industry there is a solution to all the infertility issues if the cause is known well in time.  To get the most effective and trusted solutions to all your infertility issues, one must try Aastha fertility center, which is one of the best IVF center in Jaipur. The IVF cost in Jaipur is quite affordable for everyone, and the average IVF cost is around 80,000 INR to 1,30,00 INR in India.

How IVF treatment helps in Conception

IVF or In vitro fertilization is a treatment that lies under Assistive Reproductive Technology (ART). The main aim of the procedure is to create an idle artificial environment in a laboratory or hospital outside a woman’s body where the egg is fertilized with the sperm.  The egg used in the IVF procedure is totally dependent on the age and the physical condition of the patient. If a middle-aged woman or a woman wants to conceive in perimenopause or in the menopause phase, the doctors generally advise them to take the help of the donor eggs which are given by a young woman who is in her fertile years.  But, if a woman initially had the plans to conceive late or start her family late because of her career or any other plans, she can freeze her eggs during her fertile years so that they can be used later in the IVF procedure.

The egg which is fertilized with the sperm in the laboratory is kept under observation for a few days and weeks. When the embryo starts dividing itself well under the given conditions in an incubator, it is implanted back into the patient’s womb or the surrogate’s womb.  The IVF success rate is dependent on the fact that the embryo attaches itself well to the inner lining of the uterus. The confirmation of the process is done through a blood test which is done after a week of the procedure.

How Successful is IVF

The success rate of the IVF procedure depends on the age, physical condition, and past medical history of the patients. Study shows that all around the world the success rate of the  IVF procedure is around 40% for young females or females under 30. The procedure is most successful for the woman under 35, the success rate decreases with age. The IVF  success rate starts from 33% for the first cycle and increases with the repetitive cycles and increases to 54-77% in the eighth cycles of the process. The above data shows that the procedure is highly successful and effective for conception. 

Cost of IVF in Jaipur

A lot of factors combined determine the cost of the IVF treatment in Jaipur, which may vary from city to city and from hospital to hospital. Factors such as how experienced staff is working for you. How renowned the IVF clinic is, and a lot of other factors determine the cost of the IVF procedure. Cost is also dependent on the age of the patient and the number of cycles that would be required for a woman to successfully conceive.  Tough, in India, the cost of IVF lies somewhere between 80,000- 1, 30, 000 (per cycle) INR approximately.  Aastha fertility care, which is one of the best IVF center in Jaipur provides you with the most effective and affordable IVF treatments. The cost of IVF-ET for a single attempt in the hospital is 80,000 INR for Indian patients and 3000 dollars for NRIs and foreigners. The cost of the combined service of IVF-ET-ICSI (the entire package) is 85,000 INR for Indian patients and 3500 dollars for the NRIs and foreigners.  

Why Choose Aastha Fertility Care

The IVF center in Jaipur is well equipped with all the latest treatments for curing infertility and has an extremely experienced team of doctors, which makes it a trusted brand and is the first choice for a lot of patients going through infertility issues. The hospital started in 2005, Dr. Namita Kotia, IVF specialist is one of the founders and the head of the infertility department, who is working with her team endlessly to bring smiles and gift her patients with parenthood. The hospital has never failed to satisfy its patients with their results and has an IVF success rate of around 90%. Patients from all over the world are seeking advice from the Aastha fertility center to find a cure for their infertility issues. A lot of real-time testimonials can be seen on their website where the patients are sharing the wonderful experience they got while they were getting their treatments in the hospital. 

“Jincy, a patient of Aastha Fertility center, Jaipur shares her experience and writes that she is extremely grateful and thankful to Dr. Namita Kotia, and her team who could make her dream of being a parent come alive in the very first attempt. She is blessed with a baby girl.”

The IVF hospital has been awarded and recognized by various renowned personalities, on various occasions and conferences for their excellent contribution to society for curing infertility. One can book a counseling session with the best IVF center in Jaipur, that is Aastha Fertility care, and get the most effective treatments for their issues. To know more about the hospital, the services, and the different packages provided by the hospital, you can log on to and book an appointment with the hospital. Or can directly walk down to the fertility care which is situated in C- Scheme, Jaipur.

Preeti Sharma