Can You Dye Human Hair Extensions?

Getting bored after wearing your favorite hair extensions for a while is totally normal!

Sometimes, instead of wanting to get a new hair extension, you feel the need to just change colors for a ‘temporary new look’ until you can get a completely new set of extensions later – again, that is absolutely fine too!

If this is you, you’re in luck if you own 100% human hair extensions because one good thing about this hair type is the fact that you can do with them pretty much anything you could your natural hair, and that includes dyeing!

Some Things to Consider 

Before dyeing hair, the type of dye, as well as skin color/tone are two factors that need to be considered before the process takes place.

Using demi or semi-permanent dye types will be your best bet since they usually last between 10 to 25 washes and 6 to 12 washes respectively.

The best types of extensions to dye are mostly virgin human hair extensions. This is because they are prone to less damage since they haven’t been already chemically processed.

A strand test is a MUST especially if it is your first time doing this, or if it is your first time trying to dye a particular hair brand or extension type. After performing the test, the result help you determine whether or not to go ahead from that stage.

Another thing to note/consider is the fact that you might have to go through more than one application to finally get the color you want. In simple terms, if the natural color of the extension is black for example, you’d have to first dye it to strip it of that color before probably dyeing again (maybe twice or more) to attain that lighter color or shade you desire.

That being said, don’t expect to just obtain your desired color the first time you do the application. A strand test will help you know how to go about this, which is why it is very important to consider one.

Dye Human Hair Extensions

Caution & Care

When dealing with 100% human hair extensions, as stated above, since these aren’t any different from our very own natural hair, proper care and maintenance should be observed so as not to end up damaging hair with harsh chemicals in the process or even after the process.

Try to avoid the use of sulphate products and other products containing alcohol and invest more in products made specifically for colored hair as these tend to prevent excessive dryness or damage for colored/dyed hair extensions.

Hair weave can also break off easily if the dye is left on it for a longer period or if not washed out properly during the dyeing process.

It is also important to remember that shampooing too often is not the best and would cause dryness, frizz or the dyed hair to lose its color quickly.

In conclusion,

If you care about your Indique hair extensions and don’t want to end up wasting your investment (especially in cases where they’re Remy Hair for example), it is always advisable to allow a professional help you whenever you need to dye your extensions unless of course … you’re a pro yourself!

Elisa Vincent