Budget-Friendly Ways to Modernize Your Old Home

Some homeowners tend to upgrade their homes regularly. While some may be comfortable spending a considerable sum of money for the work, many people’s budgets may not support these upgrades. Here are a few budget-friendly ways to give your old home a modern look.

Change the Floor Plan

Separating spaces into rooms has become outdated. To modernize your home, change the floor plan and try out open spaces. Merge the living area, kitchen, and dining area without walls. Separate the kitchen and living area with a breakfast counter.

If it doesn’t bite your pocket too much, you can add a French window that opens out to a lawn or garden. It will make the space bright and airy. You can rearrange the furniture to change the look, too.

Spruce Up the Accessories

You can change the lights, fans, switches, and switch plates into in-trend ones. Consider buying neo-modern lamps and chandeliers. You can go in for modern ceiling and pendant lights to heighten the effect.

Do not forget to change the doorknobs, door handles, and drawer pulls. Fix up a theme and coordinate them accordingly.

Replace the carpets, rugs, curtains, and upholstery. Research and find out about newer trends and replace them to change the whole character of the house.

Don’t Ignore the Kitchen and the Bathroom

In the kitchen, prioritize repainting the cabinetry in a bright color. It will change the entire look of the space. Install cabin organizers. You can change the kitchen sink and the faucet. Change the appliances if need be. The newer devices are designed to save power and are efficient in many ways.

The bathroom is a space that needs regular upgrades. Consider changing the faucets, shower curtains, showerheads, light fixtures, cabinets, tub, towels, and closet with modern ones. You can also change the tiling if you feel that the pattern is outdated.

A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Do Wonders

Consider repainting the exteriors and the interiors. Choose a neutral color that is trending for the exteriors. If you are not sure about the color to pick, stick with white.

As far as the interiors are concerned, consider colors appealing both to you and your guests. You can paint different areas in different colors. Neutral and pastel colors are back in vogue; you can play with them. These colors would make the house bright. Consider having a patterned accent wall and painting the ceiling in a different color.

Give the Outdoors a Makeover

Try power-washing if you think the exteriors don’t need to be painted. You can also power-wash the driveway and areas that have become faded or old. You can consider redoing the garden and lawn. If you have a huge garden space, try laying a stone path. Try having a flower bed with perennials, which will flower through the year.

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