Best Way To Improve Your reading Comprehension For LSAT

The reading comprehension in the LSAT exam can be difficult for some students. A question on LSAT Reading Comprehension has three significant aspects: the prompt, the appropriate portion of the passage(s), and the answer choices. LSAT Reading Comprehension questions aim to test the student’s ability to learn and understand complex sentences. Reading options for LSAT Reading comprehension questions are taken from a wide variety of topics in the arts,  social sciences, biological and physical sciences, and law-related fields.

To get through every passage and all the questions in just 35 minutes, you must read carefully and effectively all the paragraphs  in the LSAT reading comprehension section. So let’s start with some tips to help you understand the Reading comprehension for the LSAT exam.

The Best ways to improve LSAT reading comprehension:

Generally when a student is facing difficulty in reading comprehension,it is so because they are not completing their practice tests regularly. You can easily improve the LSAT reading comprehension section with the help of the tips given below .These tips will  help you even if you are struggling to crack the LSAT reading comprehension part. So let’s begin!

Know the structure of the passages

There are 3-4 paragraphs in each reading comprehension. If you know the main idea of each passage, you will be knowing where to look for the information while attempting the questions. Don’t jump directly on the question without understanding the passage. Writing a short summary of every paragraph helps you escape this trap. Also, the LSAT tests your knowledge explicitly. So a proper understanding of the layout of the passage can only help you with the questions. 

Read the passage carefully.

Read the passage thoroughly to avoid mistakes in your reading comprehension section. While reading the passage, find the keywords; this will help you remember the key points of the passage. While reading, you may skip certain lines or words but remember these keywords  in order to save your time. 

Summarize everything

Take a short overview after every paragraph you read. This helpful note will help you find the paragraph you need. Such overview notes will be delicate at first, but the more you practice, the simpler and more accurate they will become. So, if you are not doing this during your practice, you seriously need to start practicing this in order to boost your scores. This will help you ace your LSAT reading comprehension.

 The prompts

LSAT Reading Comprehension questions can seem simple and boring, but in fact, they are very complex and nuanced. Prompts can be long and twisty. Please read the entire problem once and then split them into useful phrases and translate them.

Using the Elimination process

When you’ve completed a particular passage and came up with a response in your own words, all you need to do is to find the answer option that suits it better than the others. We recommend that you to look at two choices at a time. Eliminate the other one, after comparing both.

Avoid traps

There will also be one or more response options consisting of exact same words from the appropriate portion of the passage while distorting the passage’s context. Forming a unique answer option in your mind before looking at the options makes it less likely for you to fall for the trap. The tougher exam questions would always have at least one answer choice with the exact same words from the passage but pointing out a different context. Most test-takers fall for this one because the rest of the response is exactly from the passage,so they usually ignore the term or expression that appears misplaced.

Understanding the question

The identification of the type of question is essential for answering the problem. Once you have determined what the question actually demands from the test taker, you will easily be able to select your answer option by using this approach. Keep going with the same procedure throughout all the questions. If you’re really puzzled, try to extract the wrong answer choices. This strategy will help you find the correct answer, even though it seems impossible to start.

Standardize your way of reading

Try to continuously improve the way you read. It is essential in the reading comprehension section that you must have excellent reading skills. This will help you solve the questions quickly and help you complete your exam on time.


We hope that this information must be useful for you. If you are looking for ways to improve your LSAT reading comprehension, then the above-mentioned approaches are the best ways to improve your performance in the LSAT Reading Comprehension section. Enjoy reading because this will help you ace your reading comprehension exam and help you improve your concentration level. Try to invest your time in reading from the right books and sources. It will definitely help you to improve your vocabulary.

So, if you are looking for someone to help you with the LSAT Reading Comprehension section, contact Online Tutoring Services  and LSAT Tutor. We assure you that we won’t disappoint you.

Dharampal Yadav