Benefits of professional shredding services

Paper shredding service is the most important requirement for securing delicate business data,
customer records, and employee documents. Security assurance is the first priority on your list when
searching for a professional shredding service. But making your records destroyed securely isn’t
the only thing a paper shredding service can offer your business.
Shredding those documents will take up less space, as well as get rid of any personal information
that may be on the documents. Below are the reasons why you should definitely consider paper

Secure shredding – Paper shredders give you the secure option for taking care of document destruction In some cases, a paper shredding service provider can come to your place and take care
of the document shredding process for you with on-site shredding solutions.
Save time – A regular office shredder can only work on one or two sheets of paper at a time and it
takes longer to cool down after overuse, but professional mobile shredders can remove more than
375 lbs of paper in a matter of minutes.

Top 3 benefits of paper shredding services

Protect Your Personal Information – Many documents that we have in our possession have some
form of our personal data on them. Things like receipts, bank statements, and checks all have our

account numbers on them along with our names. Would identity thief’s use this information to gain
access to our accounts and money. Other items like old medical information may have our health
insurance number and account on there, which can allow people to receive medical attention under
your name. It is very important that these documents are shredded and not just thrown away.

Follow legal requirements – If you have your own business you may know that there is a federal
law that requires you to shred documents. These documents are usually the type that is obtained
from credit checks and background checks when hiring employees. There is a lot of personal
information on the documents you receive when hiring people for your company. You do not want
that information to go into the wrong hands, which is why the law is there in the first place.

Protect the company you work for or own – All of the information, or tips, above may seem like
obvious things, but a lot of people do not use shredders. Identity theft has been on the rise in recent
years. Criminals are getting more access to people’s personal information, and committing crimes
with it. Shredding is the easiest way to take steps to prevent that from happening.

If you find the best paper shredding services, there are companies that will shred the documents
for you. Companies like shredwala will come to you and shred all of the paper for you, and haul it
away. You do not have to deal with anything besides gathering it together. So if you need to get rid of
a bunch of documents in your office, give them a call today or visit