Are Halloween Contact Lenses a Go-Go or a No-Show?

Halloween is celebrated on the eve of All Saints’ Day, links with the Celtic Festival Samhain, the day ghosts and spirits considered to be abroad.

A significant part of Halloween involves buying scary and gothic or supernatural costumes and getting suiting accessories to match with your outfits. For example, Halloween contact lenses, wigs, gothic jewelry, and witchcraft gloves/hats are some everyday things that are bought or made at home on the occasion of Halloween. 

We will be explicitly discussing Halloween contact lenses in this article.

What are Halloween Contact Lenses?

Unlike standard contact lenses for vision purposes, these contact lenses are used for cosmetic reasons mainly to give a new look to your eyes for various events. They are a type of decorative contact lenses that don’t necessarily correct your vision. 

But, they do change the look of your eyes and help you look like your favourite character, movie star, or hero. Decorative lenses can give your eyes different colours, .i.e., blue, red or yellow, or even different looks (vampire eyes, demon eyes, etc.

Where to buy?

Decorative contact lenses can cause severe problems to your eyes if they are not adequately taking care. You can buy them from street vendors, beauty supply stores, online stores, or flea markets.

Optic stores, online suppliers, and pharmaceutical suppliers should always be the priority when buying Halloween contact lenses. You can ensure the safe use of the contacts and reduce the risk of eye injury by taking a few precautions.

Inspirations and designs for buying 

Choosing a Halloween contact lens that goes with your costume or theme can turn out to be very exciting. A glance at Hollywood and you will have a range of ideas for buying lenses. Supernatural themed movies with witches, vampires, and fairies could be resourceful when deciding what lenses to choose. 

Movies have a massive focus on costumes and lenses that go with those costumes. Ranging from yellow, black, and white special-effect scleral contact “true Blood” to red and black gothic contacts used in The Exorcist, there is a splendid variety of these contact lenses that you could buy for yourself. 

There are also contact lenses that give your eyes an animalistic look like those of cats, werewolves, and owls could be inspired by Harry Potter.  Special effect lenses, the ones that cover both your iris and sclera, are trendy these days. 

Alien contact lenses could be a cool inspiration as well. Inspire your designs and themes based on the characters you like and the costume that you are looking forward to wearing. 

Dos and Don’ts of Halloween Contact Lenses

  • Get an eye exam before buying your Halloween contact lenses

Getting an eye exam from a licensed doctor to ensure that the contact lenses fit your eyes properly could help to overcome the risk of eye injury. Any damage as lenses that don’t work your look properly is very likely to cause unbearable pain to your eye.

  • Follow the instructions by your doctor when wearing your Halloween contact lenses

Ask your doctor instructions regarding contact lenses and make sure you follow those instructions when disinfecting, cleaning, or wearing your contact lenses. Ignoring these instructions could result in either an injury or an infection.

  • If your eyes are showing symptoms such as redness, immediately seek medical attention

All these symptoms regarding pain and redness are signs of infection and if you notice any of these symptoms, remove your contact lenses right away. Seek a doctor, or this could result in serious issues such as blindness.

  • Avoid sharing your contact lenses with anyone

Everyone has a different style and hence different eye measurements and shape and only your own lenses can fit you properly. Wearing anyone else’s lens could cause injury or eye damage and also pass on eye infections.

Why Halloween Contact lenses

  • Get a gothic Halloween look

Using different contact lenses of variable styles could be used to match with other costumes to create the perfect look and help you look like your favorite characters. You could match your vampire cloak with vampire eyes or Dracula overcoat with bloody red eyes.

  • Replace your vision glasses with stylish Halloween contact lenses

You can buy special white contact lenses that come with vision functionality as well that compensate for your weak eyesight. You can view the world and style yourself at the same time!

  • Protect your eyes from dust particles

Halloween contact lenses can also be used to protect your eyes from dust particles or antigens that might infect your eyes. Protection and styling at the same time!

Bottom Line

Wearing contacts, and even slaying the cognitive look, make you feel well-witted intellectually. The notion of these vampire looks is extremely needed on various reality shows, despite the Halloween parties. You could run off and it wouldn’t hurt your eyes. But, some things to keep in mind are a few precautionary measures. It means that Halloween contact lenses are a definite Go-Go and not a No-Show.

Caroline Phillips