An outlook of an important piece of engineering – Wire mesh

The wire mesh is basically a screen made up of longitudinal and transverse wires that are woven together using various techniques that are based on the application of the final mesh. Based on its usage it’s called by many different terms for example in the industry/commercial sector it is often referred to as wire cloth or gauze. Given its immense usage and demand the mesh has to made in a large amount with high quality companies use many techniques to make this mesh.

One of the methods is to wires drawn from alloys and then it’s welded at the intersections, which in turn gives it strength, flexibility and a consistent opening size. The materials used are mostly application based, stainless steel is used when rust and corrosion resistant is of prime importance. It has a considerable amount of luster and this makes it handy in a lot of visual applications requiring an aesthetic feel.

Another way of making the mesh would be stitching together like the way threads are used to make clothes. The wires are woven at right angles and tension is used, when combined with friction and resistant ensuring retention of the intended shape. The wires which are lengthwise are called warp wires and the ones that are perpendicular are called weft wires. The weave styles can be different based on the applications for instance it could be plain woven where each wire goes over another or twilled where wires cross two other wires above and below giving it different properties.

One of the most widely used is made up of stainless steel, there are currently many Stainless Steel wire mesh manufacturers, the companies are:

  • Jxwiremesh is a Chinese based company that specializes in providing the means to manufacture the an ping wire mesh of many type such as the hollow mesh, dense mesh, non-metallic mesh etc.
  • Lawrence Sintered metals is one top companies when it comes to metal mesh and specialize in small runs and custom manufacturing and prototyping and offer lot of options when it comes to the stock.
  • Bharatwiremesh is an Indian based company that manufactures wire mesh and specialises in making mesh for conveyor belts which are used in the food processing industry and so on.
  • INDO GERMAN WIRE SCREEN CO is an Indian based company that operates from Mumbai and specializes in providing wire meshes with high thermal stability and high chemical rating.

Features of the above mentioned companies:

  • All these companies provide Best quality meshes which have undergone heat treatment to ensure durability and strength and the stainless steel used can go up to 30 years without rusting ensuring minimum maintenance.
  • It’s available in all sizes ranging from 0.25 all the way to 6.This means that the mesh can used for a much wider range of applications from filters in the industry all the way to supports in concrete structures and as safety nets during the time of construction
  • It is even used as design aspects in some homes with right finish giving that simple but eye catching look that the architects strive for in today’s-market.

The Availability is much more felt in big cities for example there are a lot of Microwiremesh suppliers in Delhi.

  • Micro Mesh (India) Pt Ltd,Varada Manufacturing is one of the largest wire mesh manufacturers in India that deliver mesh from the small micro sized filters to the heavy screens.
  • Jai Shree Wire Products is an Indian based company that was established in 1972 and is headquartered in Delhi and deliver premium quality wire mesh manufactured using both automated system as well as skilled manual labour.

Features of the Micro wire mesh suppliers:

  • They provide in a limited time period while ensuring that there is no drop in overall quality. They use the most proven methods and keep experimenting and always try to get better and better at making the meshes even more durable
  • They also offer the services at the best market price value and have a broad base from which they have been operating keeping in mind that quality and consumer satisfaction play the most crucial role in the growth of the companies.

A new promising technology carbon nano-tubes a new application of wire mesh could soon revolutionize the world, and the way we live drastically.

Shruti Gopche