All That You Wanted To Learn About Using Braid Mousse

We all love braids, but they have to be maintained well. Without proper care and maintenance, braids can look dull and do more harm than good. Braid mousse offers plenty of advantages. For one, it acts as a bonding tool when braiding, making the braid easier to handle and eliminate frizz.

Not many know that braid mousse can be used on extensions and natural hair – but you will have to go easy on the quantity of mousse. This is because too much mousse could cause a buildup up, leaving your hair smelly and with a bad odor.

To prevent frizzy hair, make sure you comb and partition it well. When parted incorrectly, pieces of hair are left out and crossed out, leaving the hair prone to frizz. Make sure you use a parting comb and spend enough time parting the hair correctly so that every part is precise and manageable.

The next step to keeping the hair frizz-free is using the right braid products, including braid mousse and braid glaze. Good quality braid mousse not only holds the hair well but also takes care of hydration and prevents frizz. Make sure the braid glaze is made using natural ingredients and is chemical free.

Braid revitalizers are ideal for moisture retention and keep it detangled. Before you start braiding, make sure the hair is detangled, especially before adding braid extensions.

Braid mousse keeps the hair soft and natural while keeping it in place. It can be used as a finishing agent and add volume to the hair.

Step By Step Guide To Use Braid Mousse

  • Start with a clean hair:

As earlier said, using braid styling products like braid mousse tend to add volume. Without a clean hair, your scalp is likely to smell bad.

  • Remove any excess water:

Using a soft cloth squeeze out excess water because wet hair tends to break easily.

  • Set the hair using a blow dryer:

Use a diffuser to preserve the curls in your hair.

  • Apply hair mousse:

The secret to using braid mousse lies in understanding that less is more. Just an egg-sized blob can go a long way!

Author Bio: The author manages a website that sells all natural braid styling products, including braid glaze and braid mousse.