All That You Wanted To Know About Turkish Towels

Turkish towels or peshtemels are very popular in Turkey and traditionally used at hammam spas. They were believed to have been used since the 7th century AD by Turkish and Ottoman royals as a part of their hammam rituals. Turkish towels were a part of a ceremonial bath kit gifted to newlyweds from the royal family. Since then, very little has changed about these towels – they have always been crafted from cotton and always ended in a fringe.

The Ottomans Encouraged Exquisite Weaving Techniques:

The Ottomans also brought in craftsmen skilled in rug making to employ intricate designs and complex techniques to create Turkish towels that resembled works of art. Naturally, these handmade towels were exclusive and expensive. Over time, craftsmen introduced the double loop technique – a process where a second wrap thread is added to the loom so that it could be pulled to form a loop which is then locked with weft threads. This weaving technique is commonly used today for terry cloth towels.

Why Are Turkish Towels Special?

These towels are made using 100% Turkish cotton, a cotton variety with extra-long fibers that make the towel super absorbent and soft when woven. They’re lightweight and dry quickly – you can carry them while traveling or at the beach. In fact, they make the best beach towels! You don’t have to pack bulky towels while traveling – Turkish towels take less room and can be air-dried.

Turkish towels are versatile. You can use them as a throw blanket to stay warm at home or on the plane. They double up as a scarf or wrap when it is chilly. If you’re on the beach, wear them as a sarong or use them as a tote bag to carry your belongings. Or spread them on the beach to be used as a beach towel. You could also use it as a part of your home décor to accessorize your lounge furniture.

Thanks to the special weaving technique and cotton quality used, Turkish towels become absorbent over time. The more you use, the more absorbent they become.

What To Look For When Buying Turkish Towels?

When buying Turkish towels, make sure they’re made from organic Turkish cotton. Some sellers try and push low-quality towels by playing with words – avoid buying towels that claim to be ‘made using Turkish cotton. This means they’re not 100% Turkish cotton but blended with other materials. If you have sensitive allergy-prone skin, look for all-natural towels and do not include synthetic dyes, chemicals, or pesticides.

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