Advice For Decorating Your House Like A Resort

What comes to mind as soon as you step inside a hotel room? Similar to a home away from home, but much more luxurious. The spacious bedrooms and luxurious bathrooms are the highlight and bonus of every vacation.

It’s hardly surprising that many of us want to emulate such appealing interiors when renovating our homes. Here are some tips to help you maximize some of the great design suggestions for hotel-inspired home décor.


  • The Lounge and the Lobby are recreated.


You may design your living room to give you the same feeling you get when you walk into a hotel lobby. The key is to opt for high-quality fabric curtains that give a resort vibe. For instance, floral-patterned curtains can give you beach vibes at home. You may make the most of your space by using custom-designed furniture. Use a beautiful lighting fixture or artwork that makes a statement to enhance the wow factor.

Add components like indoor waterfalls, big chandeliers, and elegant multimedia stations to make things more luxurious. Dedicate an area for reading or enjoying your morning coffee to emulate the lounge feel. A comfortable chair and a little wooden table may make a big difference.


  • A Gorgeous Bathroom


In any hotel-style home, the bathroom is the focal point. The fundamental goal is to create an environment that is ideal for indulging. You can go for bed sheets that give away an authentic look to your bedroom.

Even if your bathroom is tiny, you may add a bit of glitz by using fashionable tiles. Using neutral colors like white or off-white tints creates a bright and airy atmosphere. You generate a sense of ease and opulence, be sure to utilize large towels and beauty products.


  • To create a soothing environment, use candles.


Stimulate your senses and transport yourself to a hotel spa without having to leave your house. One of the best techniques to transform your bathroom into a soothing sanctuary full of delightful scents is to use a candle. Candles will not only fill the entire room with the scent of roses and blackcurrants, but their stylish, distinctive packaging will also serve as an accent piece.

A trendy diffuser, on the other hand, will fill the space with a delightful aroma while also looking chic wherever it is put. Your home will not only appear like a luxury vacation rental in Paris, but it will also smell like one.


  • Creating a Unique Bedroom


The bedroom is an important part of any hotel’s interior design. Using the proper type of lighting to give a warm factor is one of the most critical aspects. You can amp up your walls with wallpapers that are mostly found in hotels also.

The bed is the central feature of the master bedroom. It can be placed in the center, and a gorgeous headboard can provide just the appropriate bit of grandeur.

Small details like the placement of couches and the usage of mirrors can have a big impact on the room’s overall design. In sectioned or studded headboards, textiles like silk, satin, and velvet can seem appealing.


  • Using Decorative Items


The appropriate décor is crucial in making your home appear magnificent. For instance, rugs are a perfect way to decorate your room. Adding artwork to a blank wall can turn it into a focal point. Beautiful perfume bottles, carpets, and rugs, for example, can give the room an organic feel.

The key is to keep things basic and avoid going overboard with the decor. You want to add a modest touch of elegance without going overboard.


  • Think about the future while designing guest rooms.


Interior design is a significant financial investment, and you may not be able to update your guest rooms for a long time. Choose motifs and furnishings that will age nicely to make your design last.

By keeping the major elements of the design simple, you can future-proof your space ideas. Wall decor, dining, bedsheets, curtains, and bedding plays an important role in giving away a perfect vibe like a resort. To add personality and reflect current trends, use accessories, mobile things and smaller fixtures. In this way, whenever the trends shift, you will just have to make tiny adjustments to keep your rooms looking fresh.

So these are some awesome tips you can follow to make your home like a resort. To bring out the right level of elegance and comfort in your home, check out the designs at Zebaworld. Our creative designers are eager to work with you to design the room of your dreams. We can assist you in creating the house you’ve always imagined.


Give us a brief, and we’ll adjust every aspect of the design to fit your preferences and requirements.