Advantages Of Using Dedicated Server & Provider in India

There are various types of web hosting and their providers are available in the market but choosing the best web hosting for business growth is a very critical task for every business owner. As we know that Dedicated Server is the best and most reliable web hosting in India. It is very secure and most beneficial for your business growth. This type of server is completely dedicated to a particular website. Many organizations choosing a dedicated server for complete control over hardware and operating system. This server is slightly more costly than other web hosting such as VPS or Shared hosting.

In this article, we will discuss in deep about Best Dedicated server in India and their advantages.

What is a Dedicated Server?

The India dedicated server is the type of web hosting that is essential for organizations that ensure complete control over the servers. It is more secure, fast, and most reliable web hosting than another web hosting.

As we discussed earlier a dedicated server in India is dedicated to a single website, so it is more expensive than other web hosting like shared or VPS web hosting.

Top Advantages of Using Indian Dedicated Server

Now let us discuss the top advantages of the Dedicated Server in India :

  1. Reliability 

In other web hosting like shared web hosting, the server is shared by others which greatly affects the speed or privacy of your website thereby reducing their performance. On the other hand, dedicated web hosting gives you complete control over your server which helps in better performance of your website and more sales through your website.

  1. Highly Secured

Nowadays, cybercrime is increasing day by day, so web security is a major concern for every business owner. Maybe a hacker is hacking your website and stealing your data. This is the reason why many organizations investing a lot of money to secure their website. The dedicated server in India offers you highly secured web hosting that performing a hassle-free transaction through your website.

  1. Highly Flexible and Performance

In India, dedicated hosting is highly flexible and customizable. You can customize your web hosting as per your business requirement at any time by asking your provider.

  1. Complete Access

The web hosting provider provides full access to your dedicated server which is highly beneficial for your website performance.

Points to Consider Best Dedicated Server Provider in India

Hence, we know that how Dedicated Server is highly recommended for every business but choosing the most reliable and trustworthy web hosting providers is another challenge.

When you intend to purchase your dedicated server. 

  1. Firstly, make sure your web hosting provider is a registered company.  
  2. Then you ensure their technical team, Your web hosting provider has a highly experienced and professional technical team that can resolve any technical issue.
  3. Make sure your web hosting provides you best and cheap dedicated server. In India, most of the web hosting providers offer expensive dedicated web hosting but their services are not so satisfactory.   
  4. I recommended if you want to invest in a Dedicated Server, choose a provider who provides highly secure web hosting. Your web hosting provider offers DDoS protection to prevent firewalls.

How is Serverwala’s Dedicated Server is Best in India?

Now I will suggest the most reliable and most loyal brand in India is Serverwala. They provide fully upgraded and Managed Dedicated Web Hosting in India. We will discuss How Serverwala’s Dedicated Server is best in India?


Serverwala Cloud Data Center Pvt. Ltd. is one of the extremely reputed and most loyal companies in India. They offered various web hosting services like Shared, Reseller, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server, and Co-location and their services are available in multiple cities in India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai. They also deal in Cloud Storage. It provides a 24/7 highly supportive technical team that can resolve your technical issue. 

Moreover, Serverwala offers a highly secure and super fast best Dedicated Server in India that can boost your Business. In India, high traffic websites, Huge client base agencies, or big institutional choosing dedicated web hosting from Serverwala.


Serverwala focused on the best services at a reasonable rate. Here, it is pricing best and cheap Dedicated Server India.

Advantages of Choosing Serverwala’s Dedicated Web Hosting 

  1. Optimal Performance
  2. SSH Root Control
  3. Data Encryption
  4. Value for Money Dedicated Hosting
  5.  Super Secure Networking
  6. Get more Additional Services
  7. 99.9% Uptime
  8. 24/7 Customer Support


Now we conclude this article, we covered everything in this article. We discussed a lot about Dedicated Web Hosting and its Advantages. 

Dedicated server hosting is the web hosting that can host their websites. This hosting offers high control over the resources of the server. This web hosting is highly secure and most dependable for a growing organization.

We learned about Serverwala Dedicated Web hosting. It is the most becoming brand of web hosting in India which provides super secured web hosting which is most beneficial for the performance of our website.

Divyansh Mathur