A detailed guide for QBDBMgrN not running

Greetings folks! In this article we will demonstrate an issue which all of us have encountered at some point while using QuickBooks whether one is using a server or not. This issue is QBDBMgrN is not running. The good part is it’s a common issue in throughout QuickBooks’ different versions.

Foreword on QuickBooks

Intuit developed QuickBooks as a business accounting application, which will do bookkeeping, taxation, bank reconciliation, inventory, payroll and such functions. A significant percentage of the USA based small to mid-scale merchants uses this software because of its easier interface. However, as a tech, it also falls prey to errors and issues. One such error is QBDBMgrN not running on this computer.Please read the entire article for better info.

What is QBDBMgrN is not running?

QBDBMgrN stands for ‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager Service’. QBDBMgrN is not running indicates that the database server manager has stopped working. On the other hand, it also indicates, the system security firewall is prohibiting the QuickBooks application to establish connection and communicate to the internet back and forth. For which, the software fails to establish a connection or to start.

Reasons that propel the error “QBDBMgrN not running”

This is an issue that pops when the userstry to update QuickBooks application or try to upgrade it to a newer version.

In the same line, if the useris having an outdated Windows Firewall or if it is not updated, then the both software cannot sync and windows detects this ‘clash’ as unknown service and restricts it from connecting to the internet.Before you go for the larger steps, you may try these steps:

  • Log out from your QuickBooks account
  • Now reboot the system.
  • Then launch QuickBooks, and try to login to the account.


Some detailed steps for QBDBMgrN is not running that can be attempted

  1. a) Install Windows latest firewall updates
  • Press Windows and R key together to fetch the Run window
  • Type cpl to open firewall settings
  • Select Windows firewall and click check for updates below the update your firewall settings section
  • Click on update now and also click on recommended settings option and wait until you get all the updates
  • Restart your computer and launch QuickBooks again
  1. b) Restart QuickBooks database server manager service
  • Press Windows and R key together, to launch the Run command
  • Type msc in the run box and hit enter
  • Search for QuickBooks Database Server Manager Service listed as either QuickBooksDB28, QuickBooksDB27 and QuickBooksDB26 and the last two digits of these represents 2018, 2017 and 2016 versions respectively. The same applies for QuickBooks version 2020 as well.
  • Right click on the right QB Database server manager service and restart
  • Now launch QuickBooks again.
  1. c) Install latest windows update
  • Press Windows key + R key together to bring the Run box
  • Type control panel and press enter
  • Select system and security option
  • Select Check for updates option
  • If updates are readily available, click on Update now
  • Let the installation to be completed and reboot the system
  1. d) Exclude database server manager from firewall settings
  • Launch the run box in the system
  • Type Windows Firewall and hit enter
  • Double tap on the list of programs
  • Now search for advanced settings and right click on inbound rules and select ‘new rules’ from the menu that appears latest.
  • Now click on Next option and then select program path option
  • Now exclude your exe file. Users can also get this file in the QB folder and now select the location of the file and press Next
  • Now allow the connection option and then press continue and next option simultaneously.
  • Click on allow the connection and then hit next
  • Now you will be asked name the rule and then click on finish option
  • Lastly, reboot the system and continue the work with QBW company file
  1. e) You may add the QBDBMgrN service to firewall and its ports
  • Open the C:\ Program Files\ Intuit\ QuickBooks folder and exclude QBDBMgrN.exe file
  • Save the settings in the firewall and launch QuickBooks again
  1. f) Repair the QuickBooks desktop application
  • Before you reboot the system close all the programs blocking the QuickBooks software
  • Backup the company file
  • Open the control panel by launching the start menu
  • Now click on the programs and feature option
  • Now click on uninstall the program
  • Click on the program list and then click on uninstall, continue and select the options one after another
  • Now you need to click on the repair option and then select next. Wait for the repair process to be completed
  • Hit the finish tab and reboot the system if needed
  • Now, download the latest QuickBooks update
  1. g) Run the QuickBooks clean install tool
  • The first step, download and save the QB Clean Install.exe file on the system
  • Now open the exe
  • The QB users are asked to accept the license agreement and select the accurate QuickBooks version and then press on the continue tab
  • A message will display on the screen stating QuickBooks is now ready for a clean install, please install to the default directory, press OK.
  1. h) Reinstall QuickBooks

You can try the basic method above.


If the user’s application usage is over the server, then follow these steps-

  • Check out if the server has installed QuickBooks programs
  • Recheck if the server has installed QBDBSM
  • Whether QBDBSM is working or not

There are more latest versions of the software. If QBDBMgrN is not running over QuickBooks 2019 and 2020, then rebooting the system should be enough to resolve the issue.

QuickBooks Database server manager installing and setting

QuickBooks Database server manager or QBDBMgrN.exe file installing and setting up goes like this:

  • Download Database Server Manager (it is a part of the QuickBooks Desktop file.)
  • Install Database Server Manager (install this on your server computer. This is the computer that hosts your company files.)
  • Set your firewall permissions (check your firewall and antivirus permissions)
  • Update Database Server Manager (Database Server Manager updates automatically whenever you update QuickBooks Desktop.)
  • Use Database Server Manager

This file will save itself automatically in the C drive.


In conclusion, the errorQBDBMgrN is not running doesn’t corrupt/damage your company file or you will lose a company file. Simply, it’s a network-related issue when one software is unable to recognize the other software. Users can find ‘QBDBMgrN’ in the C drive of your computer. Thus, if your entire system is updated along with the QuickBooks application, it shall work fine. Follow this author for more information related to the QuickBooks suite and its issues.

Summary: the author in this article explicates on a server network error QB not running on this computer. There are some extensive solutions given for the readers to follow.

Author: Lizzy Bennet is a software consultant and in breaks, she is a blogger.

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