A 7-Step Guide to Learning The Process Of Knockdown Rebuild

Your dream house inspires you to study hard, work hard and wait hard until you make it happen! There are various ways by which you can bring it to pass. Hire professional new home builders who can tailor-make the house you have in mind. Have an existing home refurbished and renovated, modifying and upgrading it in various ways for it to appear fresh and personalized. Lastly, you may opt for a knockdown rebuild, so you remain in your current location while having a brand-new house building established on it. 

Let’s focus on the last option: A knockdown rebuild. You might have not heard of it yet, or you don’t often hear it because it’s not as popular as its friend called renovation. Sometimes, it’s thought of as something almost similar to renovation, however, the truth is they are quite a lot different. Why? Because in renovation, your house is improved through redesigning, updated through additions, and transformed through home repairs. On the other hand, in a knockdown rebuild, your house is completely demolished, and there on the same land it stood, your new house will be constructed.

If you are eyeing on a knockdown rebuild, it’s going to be a big decision to make. Nonetheless, if you fully and surely make up your mind, you will regret nothing because a knockdown rebuild starts again from zero, meaning you can do everything as you please, unlike what you weren’t able to do before. 

Now, if you want to know what awaits you when you opt for a knockdown rebuild, check out the list below that provides a 7-step guide to learning the process of knockdown rebuild.

1 – First meeting and planning with your knockdown rebuilders 

You have to know the pros who will work on your knockdown rebuild requests. They have to know you, too, so they will know what you want and need. The first step is to meet and plan with your knockdown rebuilders. 

Speak with these experts, and explain to them why you want to have your house knocked down and rebuilt. By doing this, these aces will know what kind of service to give you. The only way they will understand how you want your dream home to be is by listening to you, so you really have to communicate clearly with them, one on one, face to face. 

This is when your knockdown rebuild company will tell you what they think about your draft and will suggest to you their own ideas that will work hand in hand with yours. They recommend you to present to them photographic inspirations to explain your dream house better. Your house is a personal property, so your personal ideas and decisions are chief. 

This step is where they will give you an estimate of the required budget for this project. Working together, your knockdown rebuild pros will be able to aid you better in achieving your dream house. 

2 – Preliminary site assessment

After discussions in the planning stage, preliminary site assessment is next. 

The knockdown rebuild staff you hired will perform and finish an in-depth preliminary site evaluation of your house and property in general. This is where they will study, survey and assess all critical factors: the soil, the structure and the footing of the land. As they look into these, they are analyzing whether or not all of these and their attributes fit your desired knockdown rebuild project. This lets them detect issues and determine risks that may come along too.

3 – Learning your local council’s regulations

It’s your house, but you cannot just do as you please on that land. It’s a must to learn and understand your local council’s regulations. They have rules and terms to follow in terms of demolishing and building codes.

Your knockdown rebuild company will review your title, thoroughly go over local planning policies, and study the existing physical conditions of the area. They will use these to further plan for your home’s knockdown rebuild. They create and submit a well-made proposal with the aim of getting approval from the local authority. Since it’s still a proposition, an opening move, expect that rejections might happen and revisions might be asked. Nonetheless, just continue with the help of your knockdown rebuild company.

Outstanding knockdown rebuild experts do these law-related tasks themselves to lessen your hassles, but of course, they always involve you, so you don’t miss a thing.

4 – Accomplishing paperwork, receiving council approval and signing contracts

You will have to accomplish a bunch of paperwork as you work on achieving approval from the local council. You will be processing required files for submission. The council will give you updates, and you are lucky if you get approved at first try. However, that rarely happens. Often, a few modifications need to be done.

When the council finally approves the knockdown rebuild project plan, your pros can already calculate the project’s cost and let you know the exact amount you will need to make the project happen and fulfill it. Of course, the amount will not be the final amount in reality since sudden needs in the middle of the project might spring up with late unexpected notice. 

After the assessment and council approval, and you are certainly decided to push through, then the knockdown rebuild agency will start arranging an initial contract with you. Included in it are all your personal plans, collaborated plans with your knockdown rebuilders and the costs detailed per item. They are all categorized and enumerated specifically as necessary.

You can finally sign the contract once everything is crystal-clear, and you and your house are ready!

5 – Finalization of your home design plans

After knocking your house down, another house is to be born. Of course, that new abode needs a face! You will be doing the finalization of your home design plans earlier than the demolishing part, so you and your builders will be surer than sure that you have a home design plan in mind.

Work with them and with excellent interior designers to help decide on how your dream home would look like. They will give you visual models and inspirations to help come up with ideas if you don’t have any yet, or to help improve what you already have.

6 – Demolition

This is where one of the main events begins. Demolition is the next step. With professional equipment that ensures everything will be cleared up cleanly, the knockdown rebuild company will bring your house down to put up a new one. There’s no more turning back when you are at this step. It’s obvious why!

7 – Rebuild

Last but the most exciting part of the whole knockdown rebuild process is the rebuilding of your dwelling — this time a never-before-seen, brand-new house!

Just relax, watch and wait for your home design plans to come together to form the house of your dreams! Your site manager will supervise everything and update you in detail. Nevertheless, you should still be directly informed about the project and be on standby for questions and clarifications from your builders. 

Soon, your dream house will be standing in front of your own eyes, ready for occupancy!



Knockdown rebuild has tons of benefits for homeowners. Especially if your house was a ready-for-occupancy property when you bought it, you probably wanted to have it altered, enhanced and customized in many ways. Besides renovation, another ideal key is knockdown rebuild, which is more ideal if you want and need a home that’s very different from what’s already there. If it’s absolutely what you desire, then you will not be disappointed and will be satisfied! Of course, that is as long as you work with an outstanding knockdown rebuild company that comprehensively knows what clients want and need for their homes.

For a successful knockdown rebuild project, make sure you follow all the steps in knockdown rebuild, provide complete requirements and hire knockdown rebuilds to help you.

Nicole Pore