7 Ways To Upgrade Your Home Curtains

There isn’t anything better than updating your curtains to give your house an instant facelift! In fact, the correct kind of curtains can actually work alone to bring the room’s decor together. However, the majority of us frequently choose the most straightforward curtains when selecting window treatments for our homes. Ever questioned why?

Consider using the curtains in your room as accent pieces to give your house personality.

Here are 7 fantastic ways to use curtains to update your home. Go exploring!

Layered Curtains

Any space can benefit from layering drapes to give depth and visual appeal. Layered curtains provide you with more alternatives for regulating the air and light in the space. But always keep in mind that layering curtains generally means combining both sheer and opaque window treatments. The opaque layer will aid in limiting light from entering and lowering the noise that filters into the house, while the sheer layer will let in light while offering privacy throughout the day.

Different Attachment Styles to Consider


Take a hard look at your blinds and examine the way they were installed. Rod pocket curtains are those that have a rod running through them and are sewed together at the top. Consider and explore additional styles to learn about tab tops (separate loops of fabric at the top), eyelets (circular holes made for a more contemporary style), and other options that can quickly transform the appearance of your window area.

Searching for Various Opacity Levels


Room-darkening, opaque, semi-sheer, and sheer materials are all available for curtains. People typically use a mix of light filtering and opaque curtains in hotel rooms and conference rooms to control the amount of light that comes through. You can choose what type or a mix of types to upgrade based on your needs. Particularly in homes where the weather is favorable all year round, sheer curtains enable the most amount of light to enter. Blackout and room-darkening curtains are utilized as excellent insulators to shield the house from the heat and cold of the outside world.


Shibori Dyed Curtains


An artist flips or folds a little piece of white fabric, binds it up, and then uses the traditional Japanese dyeing method of shibori to color it indigo. The results are fabrics with vivid, stunning designs. Shibori is also currently experiencing a décor rebirth and is one of the most widely-available hand-dyed textiles. A shibori-dyed curtain is unquestionably a fantastic option for anyone looking to give their home a dash of hand-dyed elegance! Shibori-dyed curtains are now widely available both offline and online; choose the style that appeals to you the best. You can even DIY a Shibori-dyed version of one of your old drapes. Just make sure to use fabric colour, as indigo can be dangerous as a dye.

Improvement of Operating Style


Choose cordless solutions if you find it difficult and boring to pull cords every time you need more light in your room. When you have Z-Wave motorized blinds and shades in your home, window treatments can now be altered using a smartphone and voice commands. Now you may do so while lounging on your couch or in bed. Additionally, you may plan when they should move during the day.

Setting Up Outdoor Curtains

Installing your curtains outside the window will provide you the most inside window room for furniture or other vital items. However, pick curtains made of heat- and moisture-resistant materials to prevent them from becoming ruined or destroyed every time there is a strong downpour or a summer day with a temperature above 35 degrees.

Searching for various fabrics


Your curtains will be more opaque the thicker the building components are. Lighter fabrics like cotton, lace, and linen allow a lot of sunlight to enter. However, thicker materials like silk and velvet are utilized to make window coverings that block light and absorb sound.


The correct curtains may breathe fresh life into your house. They may instantly transform the appearance of your room. So give these ideas some thought and decide for yourself which is best for you. Additionally, you can create a to-do list and decide what aspects of your present window treatments you like and detest the most. This will enable you to upgrade your curtains in the proper manner.


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