6 Reasons Your Child Refuses to Eat

Preparing healthy meals for kids is a challenging task, and it can be frustrating when your child refuses to eat the food. So how do you make your child understand the importance of nutrition and make them eat foods you know are good for them? Knowing what they prefer and why they don’t eat food will help you resolve this issue strategically. The following are the six reasons why your child may not be eating well.

  1. Your Child Feels Pressure

When you try to force your children to eat, they’re likely to feel pressure and refuse to eat. Some signs that you are putting too much stress are moving the food closer, watching them constantly, and talking about eating. Other signs are trying to spoon-feed them and adding more food to their plate. Let your child eat at their own pace and indulge in conversation with the whole family.

  1. They Feel Bored

When you serve the same food frequently, your child may feel bored and not want to eat it. Your toddler meals should include a variety of dishes and ingredients. If you’re too busy to prepare different meals, buy healthy, fresh baby food from Little Spoon and engage your kids in proper eating.

  1. They Don’t as Feel Hungry

After your kids turn two, you’re likely to notice that their growth slows down, and the appetite becomes erratic. Your child may even refuse to eat for several hours. While that behavior is expected at this stage, you must encourage them to eat a variety of foods. Try adding in healthy fruits, vegetables, and nuts to delight their taste buds.

  1. You Serve Too Much

The amount of food you serve your child should not discourage your kid from eating. Portions that are too big can demotivate them from clearing their plate. Ensure you serve the right proportion of food during mealtimes.

  1. You Schedule Mealtime Too Close to Bedtime

Making a sleepy child eat is a challenging task. Try to feed your child at the right time and not eat too close to bedtime. Do your best to keep a regular sleep and mealtime schedule.

  1. They Eat Too Many Snacks

Some kids seem to survive only on snacks, which makes them not feel hungry during regular meals. Try to implement designated snack times that are not too close to mealtimes.

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