5 Ways to Give Your Living Room a Modern Makeover

The living room is one of the most essential rooms in the house as it is where you entertain guests. If you’re a person who entertains often, you should consider giving the space a modern makeover and an exciting twist. The fresh look would increase the warmth of the place and give you a chance to dabble a little in the contemporary trends of interior decorations. Here are five ways to give your living room a modern makeover.

Fresh Coat of Paint

The first thing you should consider changing is the paint. Adding a fresh coat of paint would change the entire room’s look. Pick a neutral or pastel color that is in vogue for the walls. Choose a large wall and paint it in a bold but not flashy color. You can also try patterns or texture painting on it. You can mount a large art piece or a vintage clock on it.

Minimalistic Furniture

Try out minimalistic furniture to make the living area look spacious. Depending on your need, you can place a low-seated modern sofa along the decorated wall, either three- or five-seater. You can place an assortment of colorful cushions on the sofa. If your living room is vast, you can place a pallet couch along another blank wall. Go for a solid wooden low coffee table in rosewood or any hardwood and place a couple of single-seated sofa chairs with either complementary or contrasting upholstery to the sofa. Place a recliner or two high-backed chairs with an ottoman table near a window.

Carpet or Rugs

You can either carpet the entire floor in a neutral color that compliments the sofa’s upholstery, or you can use traditional Persian rugs in front of the sofa and in other areas to heighten the look. It will help merge modern elements with traditional ones.

Indoor Plants

Having indoor plants adds to the serenity of the space. You can pick unique colorful potters and place them on a side table or near the window. You can place succulents on porcelain planters on stools. Place a couple of prominent potters with indoor palms. You can also opt for bonsai plants to give the room a warm ambience.

Vintage Art Pieces

You can plan for a gallery wall with photos or art pieces in vintage frames. You can also look for ethnic art pieces like macramé wall hangings or wooden carvings. An oversized lamp near the sofa set would be aesthetic. Alternatively, you can hang porcelain platters on a wall. To contrast this, you can opt for neo-modern lights or chandeliers.

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