5 Things You Should Know About Luxury Watches

Many countries make luxury watches. Although Swiss luxury watches remained dominant for more than a century, many luxury watches from other countries hold a high value. The prices of luxury watches can be surprising if you plan to get one for the first time. Premium luxury timepieces often cost five to six figures. But you can also buy luxury watches like Tufina watches for the best prices. Here are the five things you should know about luxury watches.

  1. Why Are Luxury Watches Costlier Than Regular Watches?

Before quartz watches were introduced in 1970, there were only mechanical watches. Mechanical watches are powered by mainsprings and are either automatically or manually wound to keep them functional. Quartz watches are battery-powered and don’t require much labor to manufacture. Most luxury watches use mechanical movements. They are handcrafted and considered a piece of art. Because of the complex movement, these watches are more expensive.

  1. What Are the Different Types of Luxury Watches?

Luxury watches come in different styles to suit various purposes. You may come across divers, dress watches, sports watches, pilot watches, business watches, skeleton watches, and vintage watches. The materials used for different styles will vary depending on their purpose and price. For example, a diver must be made to withstand higher pressure underwater, and a sports watch must be sturdy to take any jarring force.

  1. Will All Luxury Watches Increase in Value Over the Years?

If you’re treating luxury watches as an investment that will get you a good profit in the future, there is a lot to consider. Although some luxury watches are resold ten to 50 times higher than their original value, most luxury watches will not appreciate. Watches produced in limited numbers or that have a unique feature that can’t be reproduced hold higher values.

  1. Can I Buy A Luxury Watch Within My Budget?

The frenzy to own a luxury timepiece has led to exorbitant prices of popular brands. Some people are more interested in the brand name than the features or quality of the watch. However, if set on the idea of owning a flashy brand and plan to get an excellent mechanical wristwatch within your budget, you can still do it. Read watch reviews like Tufina watch reviews and Movado reviews to know the value of a brand. You can gain valuable input from experienced watch connoisseurs and make informed decisions. Watches like Tufina are sold for affordable prices, and they have features that can be found in high-end timepieces.

  1. How Can I Take Care of a Luxury Watch?

Mechanical watches require proper maintenance if you want them to last a lifetime. Don’t try to open a watch and fix things yourself, as the tiny parts can be misplaced. Instead, get it serviced by a professional regularly to keep it clean and working properly.

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