5 Important Tips For Soft Furnishings In The Hospitality Industry

It is crucial for entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry to give a charming and timeless look to their hotels and resorts. However, most of them make mistakes in choosing and styling soft furnishings. And sometimes, making a selection becomes an exhausting task. Not only do they require an ample amount of research, but they also have to look for reliable suppliers.

To help save your precious time and effort, we will share some pro tips, which can help you choose the best furnishings according to your needs. So let’s get started.

What is soft furnishing in hotel styling?

Cushions, bedspreads, curtains, etc., come in the category of soft furnishings. In fact, all these things help in uplifting the vibes of an area. They not only define the personality of the area but also give it a unique look by adding patterns, textures, and colors to it. Here is the list of elements used as soft furnishings in hospitality businesses:

  • Curtains
  • Loose covers
  • Bedspreads
  • Cushions
  • Blinds

Let’s explore our tips now!

#1 Select an evergreen theme

Soft furnishings are an expensive affair, so obviously you wouldn’t like to change them frequently. The smart idea would be to select a theme that is evergreen or at least lasts a few years. There are many styles and trends which are temporary, so we would suggest avoiding them. Invest in designs, colors, and patterns that do not need to be replaced very quickly.

#2 Take inspiration from surroundings

Whether you are working on indoor furnishings or outdoors, taking inspiration from your surroundings can bring symmetry to the entire team. Explore the area thoroughly and make a decision keeping in mind its color scheme or style. You should also be attentive about the area – how big or small it is. Also, note down what kind of mood/vibes you want to add to that area, such as fun and colorful or soothing and minimalist.

#3 Find the right supplier

Finding a good supplier may take a lot of research and effort, but this is a significant step because a wrong supplier can cost you a lot. Their prices may not be fair, or the quality of the supplies may be substandard.

#4 Consider the quality of soft furnishing materials

The material of furnishing should be long lasting so that you do not have to replace it frequently. Keep in mind that the material should be soft and comfortable so that your visitors do not face any problems. The polyester fabric can cause rashes or other skin problems. And if you are investing in outdoor furnishing, it will be exposed to sunlight and rain, so we will suggest selecting a weather-resistant material so that it can last longer.

#5 Set your hospitality furnishing budget

Budget plays an essential role in your hotel redesigning project, so you should decide the budget in advance. It will help prevent last-minute changes to the plan. If you are getting help from a professional, give them clear information about your budget before they start working.

Final words

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