5 Amazing Wedding and Anniversary Cake Designs

Cakes are special because every occasion and celebration ends with sweet. What we remember are cakes and people. So it is an easy way to capture the memory. It’s true! Cakes have some magical power to enhance the occasion and to make the occasion more memorable. Nowadays we get cakes for every occasion and event. But by selecting the right cake for the occasion we can make the occasion very special.

If you are looking for a wedding anniversary cakes design then we are having some amazing happy anniversary cakes ideas for you. With these wedding anniversary cakes ideas, you can impress your partner and guests.

Calendar Cake

If you get bored with the simple cake then you can go with the calendar cake. These cakes are like a calendar of the month. You can choose the month of the anniversary and mark the special date of your anniversary. This mark will signify how special this day is for you and your partner. This will be one of the best anniversary cake designs. In this cake, smooth buttercream frosting is used. This will be a huge surprise for your partner. You can even send designer cakes online or you can send gifts from Australia to India.

Royal Anniversary Cakes

Royal anniversary cakes are magnificent cakes. These cakes are tiers cakes. In these cakes, royal icing is topped, with a romantic assortment of order flowers online and these cakes are featured with intricate designs which help to celebrate the occasion and also you will find some decorative elements. These cakes have a pastel-colored background. This anniversary cake looks sophisticated, elegant.

Customized Anniversary Cupcakes

If you want to try some new and innovative elements in the cakes then you need to opt for the customized cupcakes. This cake is a bunch of mini cupcakes. With these cupcakes you can even get really creative with the designs of the cupcakes and also you can choose text or design which simply signifies you and your partner. These personalized gifts look spectacular.

Ombre Ruffle Cake

Ombre Ruffle cake can easily become a showstopper. This looks so gorgeous and magnificent that it can catch anyone’s attention easily. These ruffled layers and the gradient shades make these cakes so spectacular and make these cakes stand out. This ruffle cake will be the perfect black forest cakes design for any couple.

Chocolate Pinata Ball Cake

Chocolate cakes are surprise cake and it consists of a chocolate cake within the spherical shell. This cake is best for chocolate lovers, and also this cake comes with a hammer to smash the shell.  This cake will help you to celebrate your anniversary in a more interesting way. This midnight cakes delivery will surely wow your partner.