10 Technical Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel for More Views

In recent years, YouTube, which started as a video platform, has shaped itself into a social media platform. Many recent surveys suggest that it is one of the most used search engines in the US. The younger generation considers YouTube to be their go-to for anything they need.

Many people put in meticulous effort to create a channel. That’s where the easy part ends because it is the first of many steps ahead. Creating fresh content regularly, promoting the channel and the videos, getting views and subscribers, and retaining the audience need effort. Here are ten ways to promote your YouTube channel for more views.

1. Catchy Titles

Be extra creative with titles, making them engaging and intriguing. They should attract the audience’s attention and make them curious about the content. Remember the ‘must-see’ factor. Make use of poetic devices like hyperbole and alliteration. You can also have question-based titles.

However, it would help if you were careful that the content lives up to the hype created by the title. Otherwise, the bounce rate would be more.

2. Optimize

Make use of Google-friendly keywords in the title and description. Various websites list keywords and their ratings. Pick the ones that are suitable for your videos. Use categories in the description so that YouTube knows who to suggest your videos. You can also use tags to help the platform take your channel to the target audience.

3. Engage with the Audience

You need to know your audience. If you target a specific audience, be sure to include descriptions that make it very clear. Engaging with the audience is crucial to make them subscribe to your channel.

There are many ways to interact with your audience. Simple things like ‘liking’ a comment or pinning a top comment would do the trick. Additionally, you can conduct contests, go live, or have ‘ask me something’ sessions. These will help to maintain a long-lasting relationship with your viewers and subscribers.

4. Cross-promote Your Videos

You can cross-promote your videos on YouTube. When you are doing a similar video to the one you have already done, consider it an opportunity to promote older videos. Add the link to the earlier content that you are promoting in the description.

You can also promote your videos on other social media platforms. Many people even use email marketing to promote video content.

5. Use the ‘Series’ Technique

The ‘series’ technique is well-used and can yield results if used effectively. You can split the content into many parts and make each into an episode. Doing this will help you retain viewers as they would come back for the rest of the series. Likewise, you can also make a series with stand-alone episodes on related content.

6. Easy Navigation

Ensure that the audience finds it easy to navigate through your channel and locate the videos they are looking for. You can create playlists to help them. It would help subscribers find what they are looking for easily, without wasting time.

You can categorize videos with related content in one playlist, encouraging binge-watching and increasing watch time.

7. Customize Thumbnails

Most thumbnails that are auto-created are screenshots from the content and are blurry. They don’t give away much about the content. To promote your channel and gain more views, you can customize thumbnails. Make sure that the image used in the thumbnail is clear and high-quality. Embed the logo of your channel in one of the corners.

8. Metadata

Make sure you include keywords in the metadata. Be very clear in the metadata about what the video is about. Do not use it as clickbait. Be very honest.

Including relevant keywords will help YouTube suggest your video with other more popular videos with similar content. It will increase the traffic to your channel.

9. High-Quality Videos

If you intend to be a professional YouTuber or are investing considerable time in creating content, you should use professional devices to record your videos. With poor-quality videos, the bounce rate would be high.

High-quality videos are known for their audience retention rate and increased watch time. People are now exposed to HD videos and know about editing and video quality. Hence, you must post only high-quality videos, which will increase traffic and subscribers to your channel.

10. Buy Real Active Viewers

Another popular way to increase views is to buy real active viewers. It is an easy way to promote your channel. Some websites help you buy real YouTube views from across the globe by promoting your content on their social media pages and groups. These people could turn out to be subscribers who start following your channel regularly. Many YouTubers buy YouTube views as they see it as a systematized way of gaining more views.

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