10 Reasons to Buy American-Made Clothes

While shopping for clothes, you pay attention to the style, colors, pattern, price, and size. Likely, you don’t pay much attention to where your clothes are made. About 95% of the clothes you find in the US clothing stores come with the labels ‘Made in China,’ ‘Made in Mexico,’ or ‘Made in Taiwan.’ Only a very few brands sport with ‘Made in USA’ tags.

Many USA clothing manufacturers have shifted their factories to other countries to make a bigger profit. Cheap labor is the prime reason for importing clothes, but it’s only a fraction of overall expenses.

Consumers today are becoming more aware that manufacturing in America is essential to boost local jobs. Many have turned to American products even if the cost is slightly higher. Here are the ten reasons you should consider buying American-made products.

1. Clothes made in America use high-quality materials that will last longer. If you want quality products, check the label before making the purchase.
2. The USA follows strict labor practices that will ensure safe working conditions and fair wages. You can’t expect the same from other countries and some employ children to make their products.
3. If all the manufacturing activities are done abroad, the local population will find it difficult to get jobs. It will create an adverse impact on the country’s economy and development. Setting up US clothing factories will employ hundreds of people who live here and work for the country.
4. Clothing that is imported has to travel thousands of miles across the ocean. Think about the carbon emission that can harm the environment. Buy USA clothing and do your part in saving the earth.
5. Wearing made in the USA shirts will give you a proud feeling as you support the nation you love. It makes you feel patriotic.
6. Some US clothing stores like Tactical Pro Supply contribute a portion of their sales to support those who fought for our country.
7. Products made outside the country may not use safe materials due to the implementation of poor standard policies. USA products come with safety assurance to the environment and your health.
8. American-made products guarantee more taxes from workers, which will boost the economy.
9. When the demand for USA clothing increases, it will lower the trade deficits.
10. The minimum wage in the USA is higher than in most countries. Domestic jobs will help people earn a decent income regularly.

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