10 Effective Methods to Enhance Your BigCommerce Store

BigCommerce is a leading eCommerce platform that helps brands build, design, develop, and market their brands. BigCommerce makes it feasible for brands to effortlessly create a drastic digital presence for their businesses.

Consequently, multiple BigCommerce website development services help brands create eCommerce stores. MakkPress Technologies is one such company. Thus, in this blog, we will explore the tricks to optimize BigCommerce stores for higher CRO.

Techniques To Optimize BigCommerce Conversion Rate

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Enhancements

Improving how your online shop shows up in search engines is super important for getting more people to visit it. Even though platforms like BigCommerce already have some ways to help with this, there’s more you can do to stand out. First, make sure your site uses HTTPS for security. Then, connect it to Google Analytics to see how many people are visiting. You can also upload a sitemap to Google Search Console, which helps Google understand your website better and list it in search results. Lastly, fill out all the details about your products on your BigCommerce store so Google can show them better in search results.

Post-Purchase Recommendations

Another great way to increase sales is by suggesting more products to people who have already bought from you. It’s smart to show them things they might like based on what they have bought in the past. You can do this on BigCommerce with features like Easy Upsell. These tools help you make suggestions based on what people have bought before, making them more likely to buy again.

Product Page Videos

Adding videos to your product pages can make a big difference in how many people buy from you. And when people understand a product better, they are more likely to buy it. Research shows that when websites have videos on their product pages, people spend more money when they buy. So, if you can, try adding short videos that explain your products and why they’re great.

Customer Reviews Showcase

Showing reviews from other customers can also help people decide to buy from you. Lots of people read reviews before they buy something online, and if they see good reviews about your products, they’re more likely to buy from you too. You can do this on BigCommerce by adding a feature that lets people leave reviews on your product pages.

Bulk Purchase Discounts

If you want people to buy more stuff from you at once, offering them discounts for buying in bulk can help. You can do this on BigCommerce by using a tool or manually. This lets you set up discounts for people who buy a lot of stuff at once, which can help you sell more.

Community Engagement

Getting your customers involved in your store’s community can help, too. When people see other people talking about your store on social media or leaving reviews, they’re more likely to trust your store and buy from it. You can do this on BigCommerce by asking people to leave reviews after they have bought something, running contests where people can win stuff if they share about your store on social media, or showing posts from your social media accounts on your store’s homepage.

Post-Purchase Emails

Sending emails to people after they have bought something can help keep them interested in your store. Brands also add some personality to their emails to make them more fun to read. This helps people feel like they are part of a community and makes them more likely to buy from the store again.

Checkout Process Optimization

Making it easy for people to buy stuff from your store is really important. If it’s too hard for them to check out, they might give up and leave without buying anything. Tools like Optimized One-Page Checkout on BigCommerce can make the checkout process simpler and faster, which can help you sell more stuff.

Personalized Product Recommendations

It means suggesting items based on individual preferences. For example, if a customer buys a laptop, you might recommend accessories like a mouse or laptop case. This helps customers discover relevant products they might like, increasing the likelihood of additional purchases and enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned Cart Recovery involves reaching out to customers who added items to their shopping cart but didn’t complete the purchase. You send them reminders or incentives, like discounts or free shipping, to encourage them to come back and complete their purchase. This strategy helps recapture potential sales that might have otherwise been lost and improve overall conversion rates for your online store.

Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the basics of BigCommerce and CRO. By practicing the strategies discussed, you can easily optimize your website for better performance. Additionally, you can opt for conversion rate optimization services from MakkPress Technologies, an eCommerce marketing company that specializes in optimizing BigCommerce stores for better conversion rates and performance.